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The Great Wall (2016) download

  • Year:
  • Country:

    USA, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada

  • Director :

    Yimou Zhang

  • Stars :

    Matt Damon, Tian Jing, Willem Dafoe

  • Genre :

    Action / Adventure / Thrillers

I would be very surprised if the film "The Great Wall" was entrusted to someone else, not Zhang Yimou. This director has experience working with fellow actors, and with Hollywood stars, he already worked in the combined format of "Chinese actors plus Hollywood (-ie)." Do not forget about the scale with the epic, where Zhang is also far from a beginner.

All of the above was very useful when working on the "Great Wall", and as a result, the picture was successful in almost all respects. Of the shortcomings in it can be noted except that the intrigue, which could be twisted slightly more feasible, because the plot looks somewhat simplistic and too linear, without complex twists and questions. It is clear that this is a blockbuster that sets other goals for itself, but nevertheless, even here I wanted to see the spectacle not only bright, but also with a deeper meaning. So I scored one point for that.

Well, now purely about the merits. The main one is a luxurious visual that pleases from the first to the last frame. Artists, costumers and special effects masters have done a truly titanic work, which can not be applauded. The scruples of the creators in observing historical authenticity (interiors, weapons, costumes, etc.), although they shot a fictional story against a background of a separate era, rather than strictly historical cinema, causes respect.

Very interesting in the picture was the visual solution of monsters, which became a kind of mix of Aliens, Mesozoic Era dinos and warges from "The Lord of the Rings", but at the same time absolutely individual and memorable.

However, what struck the most in the tape of Imou and amazed you pleasantly is the incredibly staged choreography of the battles (sorry, if you made a mistake with the term). Here I am referring mainly to the plasticity of the movements of the soldiers and especially of the warriors - those who looked, I think, understood who I'm talking about. Large-scale battles in the cinema have already seen a lot, but this is perhaps the first time when they are put so beautiful precisely in terms of plastic and movements, worked out to the smallest detail. Instructors, who put all this, and the actors themselves - a big respect. "Great Wall" because of this alone can be reviewed more than once.

Pleased with the movie and the actors. Matt Damon, associated mostly with tough guys from the present and not so distant past, as it turned out, is just as good with a bow and sword as with a pistol and a submachine gun.

Not bad and his partner in the performance of Pedro Pascal. He remains slightly in the shadows, but he is remembered well. Unlike the very good actor Willem Defoe, who here, unfortunately, was simply lost in the background: he was not given enough screen time.

Among the Chinese actors, in my opinion, beyond competition is the Jing Tian, ​​whose heroine impresses with both strong character, intelligence and courage, and a touching femininity and beauty. Do not say that in the fresh "Kong: The Island of the Skull", she hacked, but as for me, with the role in the "Great Wall", it just does not compare.

In addition to her, good words should also be said, in particular, to the very talented played Andy Lau and Zhang Hanyu. And in general, regarding the acting game, the claims of Zhang Yimou to make someone difficult: everyone looks very good

As a result: impressions from the "Great Wall" are almost entirely positive. Do not mind seeing the sequel and I hope that they will take it off and shoot Zhang Yimou again.

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