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The Edge of Seventeen (2016) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Kelly Fremon Craig

  • Stars :

    Hailee Steinfeld, Haley Lu Richardson, Blake Jenner

  • Genre :

    Dramas / Comedy

High school student Nadin from childhood turned out to be an outcast in school. At home, her mother did not notice at all, preferring to give all her free time to her son. Father Tom valued his daughter, but once, while walking with her in the car, he had a stroke, and Nadine was absolutely alone in this world. The elder brother is considered ideal - he is loved and honored for the honor of making friends. But Nadine has only one girlfriend - Crist. With it, she can share and receive support. But one day Nadine finds her friend with her brother in bed and their relationship gives a break. From this moment life turns for her into a real nightmare and there are no more people who can understand and help her ...

Debut in all respects Kelly Framon seemed to me very fortunate. What is the plot of "Almost seventeen" recalled in its atmosphere another film all the same Framon - "School survival for graduates." Now she not only wrote the script, but also acted as a director and producer. With such a job, the Golden Globe nomination (even if only for the Best Actress) is a real award, even if the ubiquitous La La Land won. Hayley Steinfeld played the role of a depressed teenager Nadine is simply incomparable. The constant craving for suicide is not so much the desire to stop everything, but the desire to attract attention, selflessness and the resulting eternal loneliness, misunderstandings in the family, overestimated self-esteem, the inability to maintain simple contact with peers, complexes and fears, eternal conflicts with my brother - who did not feel at least part of this in their "seventeen"? This is all very well conveyed to the actress.

At the same time the plot was constantly balancing on the verge of an acute social drama and a youth comedy. Kelly Framon did not focus on "hard" moments, always looking at them with a certain amount of humor. And this is also valuable film. Of course, enough in the film and blunders. The heroine comes on a bicycle to her friend's house in the same clothes (on the 55th minute), and after five minutes - leaves for another, similar moments suffice, but the main thing is the spirit of the picture, its atmosphere, which is very talented.

Was pleasantly surprised by the appearance in the movie Woody Harrelson, familiar to me on "Welcome to Zombiland" (I wonder when the second part comes out?). Here he plays the teacher of history of Mr. Bruner, and in combination - also the school psychologist for Nadine. His attacks and cues were simply impossible to look without a smile. At first, he seemed such a simpleton, but at the end of the picture we are in for a surprise, which makes us respect and appreciate such a person.

The movie turned out to be very atmospheric and exciting, although as such there is little action in the film. Good dialogues and acting are literally drawn to the screen, and I think they will make you look at the picture more than once. Fortunately, despite a very difficult topic, it looks easy.

By the way, judging by the trailers and videos from the places of filming, the film was cut down - not all of its moments were included in the final version. For example, the scene of the joint game of Nadine and the teacher Bruner in basketball (apparently it was supposed to be in the final part); Some episodes of Nadine and Crista's dialogues; 70-second talk of the heroine, who requires the key to the lavatory from the saleswoman in the store, etc.

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