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Alien: Covenant (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:

    USA, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom

  • Director :

    Ridley Scott

  • Stars :

    Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup

  • Genre :

    Thrillers / Horrors / Fantastic

One of the favorite characters since childhood - Stranger, last time appeared in 2007th year. In 2012, he was associated with him "Prometheus" - the excellent return of Ridley Scott to the origins of his own franchise. And the trembling expectation of the phantoms of the "Alien: Covenant" is a cult event.

The colonialist ship, the Covenant, is heading for the proposed planet Origae-6 for settlement. Suddenly, he catches a signal, which astronauts think, was sent by a person from a nearby planet. The new captain (Billy Crudup) decides to land on the planet, because it is a more suitable habitat than Origa-6 and understand what kind of signal it is. Despite the objections of Deputy Daniels (Katherine Waterston), part of the Covenant team on the little fellow lands on an unknown planet. There they find the android David (Michael Fassbender), who was one of the crew members of Prometheus. Soon it is discovered that this planet contains such nightmares that astronauts could not even imagine ...

79-year-old Scott is one of the directors of cult fiction. His talents in this field are undeniable, and his contribution is huge. Having created the first "Alien", he, together with Giger, O'Bannon, Schusett, Guyler and Hill created a creation that conquered not only the Earth, but also space. "Prometheus" was more about space jockeys. "Alien: The Testament" on assurances is similar to "Alien" in 1979. The film turned out to be similar to the first half of the continuation of Prometheus, and the second to Alien.

Very beautiful shooting, as in the previous film, amazing special effects and excellent make-up. A beautiful dark atmosphere, an excellent action and of course the xenomorph. All this is intertwined in this picture. Scott is a wonderful director. The moment is not taken into account that the first "Alien" was released in 1979, and all the fantastic elements and entourage are made in a lamp-like manner. "Prometheus" somehow tried to follow it, but here the technology looks more futuristic. It's not bad, but the movies are different.

The creators of the picture bring to the fore the issue of creators and creations and raise the subject of artificial intelligence. AI is an android and partly an onboard computer of a spacecraft. The emphasis is on the characters of Michael Fassbender. Actually Fassbender attracts attention to a double role, which he excellently performed. At first I had some kind of distrust of Catherine Waterston. Seemed unsuitable for this role. But it looked great. By the way, I starred with Fassbender in Steve Jobs. Billy Crudup was good. But it was not fully disclosed. According to the plot, he is a believer, but this is not manifested as the film progresses. He never prayed, and did not speak religious speeches. In general, few characters have been revealed. It's a pity. Interesting is Danny McBride, whom I saw only in comedies. Excellent actress Carmen Edzhogo, who also starred with Waterston in "Fantastic creatures and where they live", played well, but her character was poorly prescribed. Demian Bisheer showed his hero well. Only this: why was to add homosexuality to the picture? Tolerance tolerance, but now not in every movie. The rest of the actors are little known to me, but they played well. But again they were absolutely not disclosed. I think this is already, actual recent, the problem of editing. Actually, this is evident from the hero of James Franco. The same is with Rapas. But at the beginning of the film they showed the steep Guy Pearce.

I will not talk about the stupid actions of the characters. I think about this already heard. The plot is quite voluminous in itself. Timing is short, but there are many events. Therefore, everything happens quickly. Even the development and growth of creatures. They become adults in a couple of hours. It is not clear why the grubole does not look the same as before. But neomorphs cool frolicking on the screen. Moments where David from Prometheus shows his laboratory and the results of experiments, is similar to the scene from "Alien 4: Resurrection". The same yellowish orange filter.

The word Alien was taken out in the name, but the legendary monster appears near the end of the film. This is not a problem of "Alien: Covenant". But now it is clear that it is related to ossu and xenomorf. Although I'm sure that in 1979, when they created the universe of the Alien, their origin was conceived in a different way.

For the fact that I adore xenomorphs and this universe

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