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Cold Zone (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    John MacCarthy

  • Stars :

    Steve Bacic, Daniel Boileau, Martin Cummins

  • Genre :


Ornithologist Roger Samers is sent to Alaska to study his current scientific ore on the study of thrush migration. To combine business with pleasure, Roger takes with him a wife and a teenage son who can perfectly rest among the majestic nature of ancient Alaska. They stop in a small village where everyone knows each other. Miss Samers meets local people and quickly acquires friends, and the son tries to charm the local beauty. Sam Roger explores the nests of his favorite thrushes in the woods nearby, where he discovers many frozen remains of animals and birds.

Roger comes to the conclusion that such a phenomenon is a harbinger of global cooling that will collapse on this area in the near future, and then spread across the planet. But he does not have the equipment, or enough data to confirm or deny his terrible guesses. In desperation, Roger realizes that he can not prevent the death of mankind, but suddenly in the same forest he encounters a lonely hut where another scientist, Tom Hughes, professor of ecology, lives. It turns out that this man for a long time predicted a similar catastrophe, but the scientific community ridiculed him, and now Tom lives a hermit, collecting evidence of his theory.

Roger tells the story of his findings, and both scientists understand that the icy storm is already very close. They grab their belongings and try to save at least the family of Samers and the inhabitants of the unfortunate village, which will be the first to take the path of an ice hurricane that can destroy all of humanity.

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