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T2 Trainspotting (2017) download

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  • Director :

    Danny Boyle

  • Stars :

    Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner, Jonny Lee Miller

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Damn though I heard about 1 part for a long time, someone on YouTube mentioned, the father mentioned this film as the best British comedy of the 90s, but I saw this year only 1 part, 20 years later, and realized that it was not just a black comedy , But also a deep psychological drama amidst all fun. On the needle, the best film about drug addicts for me, it was better not done, thanks to actors and popular director Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, 127 hours), which he shot for only $ 3,500,000 cult picture of the 90s, which is relevant to this day. I really liked the 1 part and I gave her 10 out of 10, and I very rarely put great marks for such great films, and even more, it's in my favorite films. Part 2 I looked today, just the mood is not bad, then why not look the sequel? Should I watch this sequel? Definitely worth it, it's worth it. Those who are not familiar with the history need to look urgently on the needle of 1995, otherwise lose a lot, since the 2 part is 45% of references to the original, so you can miss a lot and do not appreciate the continuation of its worth.

The film shows amazingly how people do not change nichets, 20 years later wrinkles appeared on the face, but still the makings of idiots have remained, the protagonist can and has changed completely, stunningly played by McGregor, but also by Kayfol, Kocharyshka, Bugby plays no worse, By age they do not lose talent.

There are also many funny moments in the film, but there is more drama. The plot is untwisted 20 years later and the director did not in vain withdraw this movie after all these years, he still lost it, otherwise it would have turned out some sort of typing blunder seems to me, there are already heroes with wrinkles, each for 40, all the same grow old, did not expect to see Diana, Although it's a little here, but still nice as it is.

The director was not afraid to use his chips in the movie, if earlier in the original scene with the toilet was, then the flight from the roof. Removed in the same quality, many familiar places, all the same Danny Boyle really did the work, for which he gratitude.

The drawbacks of the film are in any way present:

If you wanted to make a drama, then you need to do all the same as the original, because if in the original one frame just brought in laughter, the other one already showed the scenes or imagination of addicts, after viewing the original, many who did not try drugs, did not even want a drop Try it, because it's better than listening to lectures from teachers and all sorts of psychologists, because it's better to see through the eyes of a drug addict than words about harm, and the original was instructive for many viewers.2 The part is not instructive not a drop, Same heroes And on the screen.

If the original was a black comedy with elements of a psychological drama, then it's just a comedy drama, here 50% comedy and 50% drama.

I will say all the same that this is a worthy continuation of the Cult painting of the 90s, which, although it does not look with interest as an original, will still be considered an excellent picture for viewing, but alas, 2 parts at a time, but sorry!

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