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Kill'em All (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Peter Malota

  • Stars :

    Peter Stormare, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Autumn Reeser

  • Genre :


All the actions of the film "Finish them all" begin with the fact that in one clinic they deliver a person with numerous injuries. Doctors desperately fight with death for the life of the patient and eventually win. Just who this is and why he was beaten, nobody can find out, because the hero has a serious concussion, which led to a partial loss of memory. One of the nurses liked this man and Susanna tries to restore the whole chain of events with him, but nothing brings a result and the viewer can see everything while continuing to watch the movie "Finish them all" online. Just a few days after the arrival of the hero, criminals enter the hospital. They are going to kill the hero, but thanks to Suzanne, who helps the patient escape, he remains alive. Now, not only the man, but also the woman, who tried to help him, can take life. Suzanne for her brave deed can be threatened with death. It is this that compels the hero to take his savior with him. Now they have to find out why they are going to kill him and how exactly the criminals are related to him. However, the heroes even have no idea, through what dangers they have to go to find out everything.

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