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Rings (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    F. Javier Gutiérrez

  • Stars :

    Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz, Alex Roe, Johnny Galecki

  • Genre :

    Dramas / Horrors

Who would have thought that the franchise "Bell" would receive such an unexpected extension only twelve years later, changing the format of the video and leaving the sinister VHS-views. Technologies have changed significantly, the ways of distribution and the mechanism of the curse have changed. In fact, the third part of the franchise with the name "Calls", squeezed from all sides by the distrust of viewers, the skepticism of critics and the grip of the genre itself, shows that in a single film you can go on your own way. F. Javier Gutierrez, who shot this film, very carefully treated the material of the two previous Hollywood "Bells" and unfolded the material more in the direction of mysticism. The current "Bells" is a very strange mixture of a horror-reset and a mystical detective, in which there is a story told confidently within the genre that demonstrates the genre limitation.

It is quite obvious that the story of single mother Rachel from previous "Bells" performed by Naomi Watts could hardly have been a worthy continuation after the cash loss of the second part of the franchise. Introduction to the main roles of Julia and Holt in the new tape Matilda Luts (the series "Crossing the Line") and Alex Rowe ("5th Wave", "Sniper: Heritage") gives an opportunity for a principled restart of the script.The history of Orpheus and Eurydice is not only cited In the plot, she undergoes a gender transformation, which is in favor of the tape, and his lover is already engaged in the salvation of Holt in the "seven-day period." Therefore, the basis for the plot of "Bells" is a voluntary victim-rescuer, following the trail in the already familiar American outback. Giving e Just one white ball in favor of Gutierrez and the writers I will note that the idea of chain reaction of the spread of a viral video and its screen sprawl quite confidently creates fear and acts like a death pyramid where everyone is looking for his victim-tail for survival.

Do not be afraid of strangers, where it is more dangerous, according to the version of "Bells", university cranks who are looking for the existence of the soul with the help of dubious granular videonarezok. It was Gabriel (Johnny Galaki, "The Big Bang Theory", "Time") involving unsuspecting students in his strange experiment and placing them in the death machine, it is he who can claim to be the main villain of this film, pushing all triggers and willingly Reflecting on what has been done. Vincent D'Onofrio is magnificent in his role as a blind priest, speaks magnificently of himself in the third person and becomes the nail of the whole story. For this actor it is not difficult to play not just a saint without a parish, but a gloomy cynical evil without age, the creator of his personal hell, spiderlike, tenacious to his victims. In favor of Gutierrez as a director, he says that as he works with the visual material that is classic for Zvonkov, all these concentric rings, flies creeping out in the right places, sinister inscriptions in the crypt and a swarm of cicadas are in the category of small joys for experienced connoisseurs of similar Tapes.

Guti works very carefully with the atmosphere in the film and creates fear with the help of effects and angles, attracting the entire classic arsenal of horrors from the lighting design to the thorough editing of the soundtrack to the tape. Every sound and sound in the "Bells" is fueling the atmospheric horror: whether it's an unexpectedly opening umbrella or barking a dog. Interesting is a kind of quote "Psycho" by Hitchcock, who does not come close to the original, but works on the general mood of this film. The creator's tortures are mostly seen in the search for an adequate film idea for people who do not represent their life without a smartphone and social networks, where evil can simply be rolled from a gadget without a cumbersome VHS-scanning scheme. The final tape is obsessionally hinting at the continuation of the history and we hope that the continuation of the franchise will be already using cloud technologies and will be quicker to keep up with the technical progress.

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