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Gifted (2017) download

  • Year:
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  • Director :

    Marc Webb

  • Stars :

    Chris Evans, Mckenna Grace, Lindsay Duncan

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Gifted is a story in which there are few surprises, but the winning audience with its powerful statement, outstanding acting and stunning cinematography. Mainly, the tape has a very dramatic storyline, but it gives much more than that. Spectators receive lines of romance, friendship and family values, as well as, in part a comedy, to maintain a dramatic light.

Mary Adler (McKenna Grace) enters the first grade. But she is not like other children. Her teacher, Bonnie (Jenny Slate), soon learns that the girl is a mathematical genius. It easily solves the equation level above the high school. Despite her clear giftedness, Uncle Mary, Frank (Chris Evans) refuses to send her to a school for gifted children, trying to preserve the normal life of the child. Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan), Mary's grandmother, insists that she do math around the clock. Next comes the battle of adults for custody of the girl.

The film is a very nice visual component. A beautiful scene with the main characters against the background of a giant sunset, blinding and filling the sky. Despite the fact that this does not add to the complexity of the plot, the scene is very impressive and demonstrates the closeness of my uncle and his niece.

The film, to some extent unique, compared to other stories about brilliant children, it focuses on family values ​​and relationships, and not on Mary's exceptional mathematical abilities, but still turns out to be very predictable and fairly simple. The main conflict, in fact, is not like the main problem, rather, it's just a side story. Despite these disadvantages, Gifted attracts with a bewitching actor's game. All the artists performed well. Chris Evans does not need Captain America's shield to be a hero, and McKenna Grace, in spite of her young age, completely steals the viewer's attention. Actors authenticly connect with their characters and have a true connection on the screen. Thanks to this chemistry, everything takes on bright colors.

Although the plot is simple and uncomplicated, Gifted is a film made by professionals, so it is interesting and worthy of attention.

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