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Before I Fall (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Ry Russo-Young

  • Stars :

    Zoey Deutch, Halston Sage, Cynthy Wu

  • Genre :

    Detectives / Dramas / Thrillers

The book "Before I fall" I have been loving tenderly for many years. And although I have long ago left adolescence, I have not forgotten the problems of the heroes of books. Difficulties in school, resentment, anger of teenagers - these topics will be relevant for every generation, almost everyone will pass one way or another through quarrels, insults or misunderstandings.

The film "Before I Fall" (and yes, no "Matrix of Time", no need to mock the story) is also one of the best examples of films for young people or just for fans of school themes in the cinema. It's nice to watch the young and beautiful actors in this film. All the girls, including Juliet, are real beauties. Young men are also pleasing to the eye. In general, the film is excellent, as is usually the case in American films, shows the life of a small town and American youth - a beautiful school with transparent walls, heroes' mansions, nature, parties, beauty and ugliness of life and friendship. What the film teaches will also be relevant at all times: "school is only a moment, patience", the family is more important than offenses, friends are important, love can be different, mistakes need to be corrected. The stories of the intertwined lives of Samantha and Juliet will find their response and maybe make the children think. I think this film should even be shown in schools along with our "Scarecrow". Especially painfully touching and incredibly beautifully assembled came the finale, and probably sentimental spectators, like me, have to get a handkerchief. Yes, fans of books will notice a lot of cut-out moments, for example, the heroine - Sister Juliet, or Samantha's "exploits" for a couple with her teacher, disappeared. But in general, this film is a qualitative reflection of events and the meaning of history. I would like to see new screen versions of the stories of Lauren Oliver, for example the wonderful book "Panic." Few people write so successfully about adolescents and teenagers. I recommend that the film be viewed by schoolchildren and simply by fans of the sentimental and youth genre.

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