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The Boss Baby (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Tom McGrath

  • Stars :

    Alec Baldwin, Steve Buscemi, Jimmy Kimmel

  • Genre :

    Comedy / Cartoons / Adventure / Family

The boss-sucker is a cartoon from the studio DreamWorks, which was directed by Tom McGrath, who gave us the trilogy of Madagascar. The cartoon is based on Marla Frei's book of the same name. Cartoon good "went" as in America, and to and on other continents, collecting a total of 439 million dollars!

The plot tells the story of the American family of Temptations. Dad, Mom and their favorite child Tim lived an ordinary life until his younger brother suddenly appeared in the house, after which Tim's life turns upside down! The plot is uncomplicated and simple, sometimes even banal. But do not forget that this cartoon is primarily aimed at children, so we will not strictly judge it. The cartoon is bright, colorful with good dynamics of narration, good situational humor! And some jokes are purely childish, and some will be appreciated only by adults. The plot also touches on such important topics as the relationship between younger and older children in the family, when the older child may feel that the new member of the family has robbed him of all the time and the love of his parents. And for adults there is a reference to the age-old problem of work-house. Scenario these moments are beaten and opened just wonderful. What did not like it was that the main "problem", like the antagonist himself, was very primitive and literally "sucked from the finger" and inserted into the script simply to mark our young friends with a common goal and an enemy. This move I did not like, but you can close your eyes to it considering the audience that the cartoon is designed for. In the main, the "pulls" the charismatic character of the protagonist, namely, the Boss-Molokosos himself, who was brilliantly voiced by Fedor Bondarchuk in our dubbing. And Tim and the other characters complement his creating an integral, atmospheric, rich history.

Audio and video component can only praise! After all, composers are Hans Zimmer and Steve Mazzaro. And this is the guarantee of high-quality musical accompaniment! Visually, the picture is taken in warm tones, with bright tints. Graphics and animation at a high level! But it can not be otherwise, it's DreamWorks!

On the whole, I liked the cartoon! He captures the good dynamics of the narrative, his atmospheric, and easy submission of important and relevant topics! Well, the main character - just "Bead"!) I recommend the cartoon to the viewing for both children and their parents!

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