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The Meg (2018) download

  • Year:
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  • Director :

    Jon Turteltaub

  • Stars :

    Jason Statham, Bingbing Li, Rainn Wilson | See full cas

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The professor of paleontology with a sadness recalls the underwater voyages. The pilots piloted by the daredevil clashed with miraculous specimens of the uncharted oceanic fauna. Once a tragic journey turned the views of the layman about the beauty of the water space. The seeker met "Meg: Monster of Depth" of impressive size. The subsequent monographs of the eyewitness had a special success, but most readers were fans of fiction, not scientific prose. Colleagues despised the scientist for the desire for fame, based on empty and stupid statements. The existence of a giant prehistoric creature in modern times remained a scandalous myth.

The persistent writer did not give up the defiant statements, but did not dare to plunge into unknown depressions. The disappearance of the deep-sea research shuttle with his ex-wife on board excited the teacher. A rich corporation called on a brave rebel to save the doomed crew, and at the same time - to test their own dizzy theory. The fabulous fee promised to the seduced doctor has become a sufficient bait for a dangerous journey. Insidious inhabitant of the seabed is unlikely to allow outsiders to freely dispose of their resources and trophies. Wanting to hunt down a daring guest, the monster is able to arrange a bloody feast on the surface of the water.

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