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Why Him? (2016) download

  • Year:
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  • Director :

    John Hamburg

  • Stars :

    Zoey Deutch, James Franco, Tangie Ambrose

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Director John Hamburg, who once put his hand and heart to create scenarios for the remarkable "Dating with parents" and all his obscene sequels, again returns to the familiar field of the clash of the fathers and elected members of their favorite dochenk. This time, James Franco is in the works, and an honorary welder of all New Mexico, Brian Cranston, is appointed a strict father. Oh yeah, Cranston is not playing with Seth Rogen's father, Franco, in his otvyaznyh adventures, finally began to meet with the girls. His whole character fits in a few words - an extravagant rich man, a motherfucker, an infantile Mark Zuckerberg on substances. And he has a huge aquarium with a stuffed elk filled to the top with the urine of a poor animal, modern art, my ass. Chekhov, a gun on the wall, you understood correctly. A stern father fits only in his stupid checkered shirt and a complete lack of understanding of what is going on around him, and why he tried this hallucinogenic rubbish.

The main problem in the conflict between the two main characters is that they have no conflict. It should be, because even the blindest and stupid fish of the pond are notable for those scenic hooks that are thrown at her: misunderstanding between the ages, the collision of an uncontrollable progress promoter into the masses and the typical inhabitant of the Rusty Belt, economic problems, obsessive care of children against their love choice. But in fact there is no conflict between them. The millionaire sincerely and awkwardly tries to please the father of his beloved girl, who somehow hates him, the end of drama. And this absence kills not only the subtext inherent in the title of the film, it destroys any possible chemistry between the central actors. At the output, it looks like the separate gags from Franco and the jaunty jokes of Cranston work well, instantly shrinking to the size of Deadpool's tiny, ugly hand, it's only their direct interaction. And this is quite a big problem for the film, where everything was originally tied up on this connection.

"Why does he" too often makes his viewer uncomfortable with an extremely unpleasant kind, vividly recalling the eerie love scenes between Barbra Streisand and Dustin Hoffman in "Getting to Know the Fockers". As if justifying his belonging to the non-comic Judd Apatow and his faithful prophets, the movie behaves like a bold, clumsy and rude teenager, deliberately exaggerating his steepness and fickle hamovatost. Things of this kind, so often thrown from the extreme to the extreme, rushing from the theater of the absurd with frantically funny gags to ridiculous and shameful situations, it's very easy to become a guilty pleasure for the viewer, as it was with the same "Pineapple Express", "Exemplary male" or "TV presenter".

The creators of the film, absolutely not cunning, offer the viewer all that the "adult" rating R. Unstoppable in all fields, jokes about members and Kristen Stewart, drug raves and Ilon Mask, cameo Kiss, brilliantly bathing in its absurd idiocy, Eclipsing all other characters with his charisma, the character Kigan-Michael Ki, who is almost like Batman Alfred, only knows how everything in the world. Here they do not even hide that to get pleasure, you just need to relax a little and reduce your intellectual level of perception by half an hour, but by making better connections between the main characters, the tape could turn out to be an exemplary vulgar comedy. The movie, from the Fockers is already far gone, but before serious acquaintances with the parents and not jumped, hanging somewhere between them.

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