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The Bye Bye Man (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Stacy Title

  • Stars :

    Douglas Smith, Lucien Laviscount, Cressida Bonas

  • Genre :

    Thrillers / Horrors

More and more often, horrors began to appear about incomprehensible intangible dark entities that have taken from nowhere and from which there is no salvation if they have chosen as a victim a particular person, of whom few people have heard about in our country, but in America the tales of them are fairly well known. Suffice it to recall Boogeyman, and from the more recent Slender. Here, it turns out, there is a certain BayBayman.

All these films go unnoticed for the mass audience, because for those they are of little interest. To my surprise, this movie paid off at home three times, while outside of it it earned a pittance. Although for a budget of seven million, and for a modest horror film it's quite a lot, you could shoot a movie on several levels higher, and what turned out is not worth two. Actors unknown, with the exception of Carrie-Anne Moss, who, it is not clear how brought in a similar film, even on an episodic role, play ordinary, unremarkable, patterned and boring characters. Sometimes, like most horror movies, they behave stupidly or lightly. Negative their game does not cause and at least it's good.

About the plot there is nothing to say, the characters are trying to find a way to escape from the evil spirit, and you can do this only by killing yourself and everyone who knows about it. Naturally, all their attempts to somehow successfully resist the demon are vain. BaibaMan himself, there is almost no film in the film, he appears only at the end for a few seconds, but even his materialization does not frighten and does not make you at least a little tense. It is fatal for the film of this genre, the absence of frightening moments and tense atmosphere, but I have not seen such a low quality of special effects in the cinema.

In general, another ordinary, gray, unremarkable horror, with a boring narrative, the lack of suspense and the atmosphere and surprisingly not modest for mediocre horror budget, used incomprehensibly as. You can safely pass by.

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