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Game of Thrones 7 season (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:

    USA UK

  • Director :

    Alan Taylor David Nutter Alex Graves

  • Stars :

    Peter Dinklage Lina Hidi Emilia Clarke Keith Harington Nikolay Koster-Valdau Macy Williams Sophie Turner Isaac Hempstead-Wright Sean Bean Charles Dance

  • Genre :

    Dramas / Melodramas / Adventure

Historical TV series are gaining more and more turns. It would seem that it is possible to show interesting historical chronicles apart from political intrigues and conspiracies, since any television series is always limited in budget and creators place more emphasis on conversations and intrigues than on actions. But fortunately not all TV channels are mean to their projects. The NVO television channel - gives the world excellent serials and at the same time seldom constrains itself in the budget, NVO - presented the world with the "Sopranos", "Handsome Men", "Brothers in Arms" and of course the famous historical TV series "Rome" - which, unfortunately, For problems with funding lasted only two seasons.

The series of novels The Song of Ice and Flame by George Martin is already a classic of modern literature. And, probably, it is difficult to find at least something remotely similar and fascinating. A well-written plot, intrigue and characters. A great epic for any fan of fantasy and historical novel. Martin created a new world, which differs only in the addition of supernatural events.

Season one. Game of Thrones. For those who are not familiar with Martin's works, this TV series turned out to be a real mystery, as it is difficult to join a completely new unknown world, in which people talk about incomprehensible things and in addition something unthinkable is happening. But, like the book, the series very easily and clearly conveys the narrative, and it is not necessary to run after the book, that would be something to clarify. The writers did an excellent job, they certainly removed something, added something, but it did not spoil the general impression. The first season - reveals the meaning of the world of the Seven Kingdoms, introduces the viewer to the story and tells it from several sides, from absolutely opposite characters from important to small. Political intrigues and conspiracies, betrayal and deceit, and at the same time an unforgettable manner of telling. 10 episodes look at one breath, and when the final credits appear, then it seems that there was still nothing to start.

Second season. Battle of kings. From a technical point of view, the second season of the television series is much more difficult than the first. If in the first there were practically no battles and mass scenes, then in the second one they simply could not be abandoned. What is worth a sea battle, which is surprisingly even better than in the book. In addition, the series changed subject, new important characters appeared, new plot twists, and those who read "The Battle of Kings" will immediately notice that the plot has slightly gone aside and has become slightly different, simplified somewhere, and somewhere on the contrary is complicated . But do not pick on, of course, it's a pity that many of the characters from the first season have left, such as Sean Bean and Mark Eddie, and the younger ones took the place of movie veterans. "The Battle of Kings" is a brighter and more intense season of the television series, structurally complex because of the huge number of characters, a bit confusing, but still as interesting and exciting.

"Game of Thrones" is a TV series for everyone, interesting and inimitable, with an excellent storyline and unforgettable characters. Look, you will not regret.

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