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The Walking Dead 8 season (2017) download

  • Year:
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  • Director :

    Frank Darabont

  • Stars :

    Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride

  • Genre :

    Dramas / Thrillers / Horrors / Serials

  • Premiere :


In this review, I would like to describe the opinion that I had after watching the first season of the series "Walking Dead".

It seems that everything starts simply: an awful virus fell on the planet and turned the majority of the population into walking corpses - zombies. But if you look deeper into the essence of the plot, you can understand that on Earth there is a predictable chaos caused by an unknown enemy. Half of the population turned into thoughtless predators, hungry for blood and flesh, and a small part of the other half, described in the series, into the game, whose representatives gradually, from series to series, divided into two camps, namely, those hoping and resigned.

The first camp includes people who believe that you can find a way out, that you can overcome a monstrous disease and return to normal life. The second camp includes people who have lost faith in the future and in themselves, who do not see a way how to live on or simply refuse to try to find it. Both can be understood, because someone has something to lose - it can be a daughter, a wife, a father, a son or another very close person, and someone, simply, lost what gave him the strength to fight. But, no matter what, one makes his choice on his own and no one takes the liberty to condemn him. Someone decides to inspire others, someone to commit suicide, someone refuses to accept reality or loss, and someone wants to just keep running and hiding. With the development of the events of the first season, I realized the complexity of the choice of the party for which you will fight, and all the diversity and heterogeneity of these sides.

For a seemingly themed series about zombies, too strong dramatic line, but that's what bribes me. The creators made the right choice: less blood and meat, more complex relationships between the characters against the backdrop of the situation. The number of characters that are revealed in the series, strikes: starting with a dedicated sheriff and ending with a hammered housewife. The emotional side is also very strong. Fear, despair, hope, confusion, desire, conviction, desire, hatred, confusion - and this is only an insignificant part of what the heroes are going through.

The show reveals not how to deal with "walking people", but how to survive when they are around, and how to stay human, moving hand in hand with death. It deals with various kinds of actions that people commit in absolutely unconventional situations, and their consequences, which either arise or not, depending on the deed.

Many thanks to the writers, who really did their best. The unpredictability of the plot, the dynamic development of the events from which you are, then in a terrible confusion, then in the insane tension, and the versatility of the characters is what the "Walking Dead" conquered me and what is often lacking in modern films and serials of this genre.

The actor's game is beyond praise. All without exception, the actors in a worthy manner coped with the tasks assigned to them. Bravo!

I am also fascinated by camera work. Panoramic shooting and close-ups are simply stunning. Graphics at the highest level. Separate gratitude to the decorators and the make-up artist who are doing a great job in order to convey the situation, which is the most important in the series, as realistically as possible.

Let someone condemn me, but I can say that the series "Walking Dead", if you analyze all its components, you can safely be called one of the best TV series of our time.

Really advise you to watch it!

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