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Geostorm (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Dean Devlin, Danny Cannon

  • Stars :

    Gerard Butler Abbie Cornish Eugenio Derbes Daniel Woo Ed Harris Andy Garcia Robert Sheehan Jim Sturgess Alexandra Maria Lara Mayor of Winningsham

  • Genre :

    Action / Thrillers / Fantastic

Once again, the Earth is in danger. An incredibly powerful storm awaits us, it simply blows away everything that stands before it. It is necessary to do everything in our power to stop it. People already know how to control the forces of the surrounding nature with the help of meteorological satellites. They are located in space. But still people do not have the ability to fully control the elements.

The main character of the film "Geoshtorm" - Jake - a design engineer, just behind this and watches. With a guy for a long time everyone refuses to work, he has a simply disgusting character, because of which there are a lot of quarrels. And also for a long time he does not support relations with relatives, including his brother. But it's time to forget about the conflicts, because it is necessary to save the entire population of the earth, the future of the planet depends on this. One of the many satellites went out of order and it must be established as soon as possible. And in this situation only a close and trusted person deserves confidence, but who will take this step to recovery?

While the protagonist is saving the world while in space, a conspiracy is taking place in the United States. Is the life of the president at risk? All in attention, but still the elements are much stronger. Brothers are ready to do anything to prevent a catastrophe. Will they be able to save the world by rebuilding the satellite.

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Geostorm (2017) Film movie Geostorm (2017) download free torrent Full HD 1080

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