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Thor: Ragnarök (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Taika Vaitity

  • Stars :

    Chris Hemsworth Tom Hiddleston Idris Elba Anthony Hopkins Cate Blanchett Tessa Thompson Jeff Goldblum Carl Urban Mark Ruffalo Benedict Cumberbatch

  • Genre :

    Action / Adventure / Fantastic

  • Premiere :


In the first film about God with a hammer they tell us that Thor is strong and beautiful, but too proud and arrogant. His father, Odin, decides to punish his son in order to deprive him of these selfish traits. He deprives Tor of abilities and sends him to live on the ground. God has to live among ordinary mortals, while passing one test of his pride after another. But he manages to fall in love with astrophysicist Jane Foster, who by birth is an ordinary person.

In the second part, Torah had to fight for peace in his native Asgard. In the body of Jane penetrates Ether, which makes of ordinary matter dark. Thor, trying to save his girlfriend, takes her to Asgard. But the appearance of the Ether in the realm of the Gods awakens the army of the Dark Elves who attack Jane, seeking to take from her the power of Ether to destroy all nine worlds. Loki has to sacrifice his life to stop the evil army. And Torah has to confront evil and sacrifice the most expensive that he has to save his native kingdom from evil.

In the third part, Thor learns that his brother survived. Covering himself with the mask of his father, Loki usurps the throne and gradually leads Asgard to collapse. The event that will destroy all the Gods is called Ragnarok, and it is close. This is the last battle of Asgard against the most terrible evil that one can only imagine. After Ragnarok there will be no more Asgard. Now the Torah has to fight with the terrible demon Surtut. It was with this fiery demon that Odin, the father of Thor, fought at one time. Then he managed to defeat him, but with great difficulty. Now Surtut returned stronger and dreaming of revenge. If Thor loses this battle, then Ragnarok can not be stopped.

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