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The Fate of the Furious (2017) download

  • Year:
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  • Director :

    F. Gary Gray

  • Stars :

    Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson

  • Genre :

    Action / Crime / Thrillers

Fast and Furious has never been a franchise that claims to be intelligent. Films about the "family" of drivers under the direction of Vin Diesel set a goal to entertain the viewer without straining his brain. Whether it's bad or not, everyone decides for himself, but one can assert boldly: this one's mission "The Fate of the Furious" performs one hundred percent.

In the eighth part of the series about the race on steep wheelbarrows, the Toretto team faces the New enemy - Cyberterrorist Cypher performed by the wonderful and beautiful Charlize Theron. And now they have to save the world from her evil plans, but they will have to fight not only with her, but with Dominic himself, who goes over to the side of the villain.

Probably, being a writer of Forsage is a heavy and at the same time quite an easy burden: you do not need to repeat in the main plot plan, but you can tear yourself away in terms of adding something visual that does not affect the plotline. Blow up everything that can be blown up? Racing from a submarine? The drive in the center of the city on cars that cost twice as much as the budget of an ordinary Russian film? Again a violation of all laws of physics? Receive and sign. And what's the point? But dismiss, if you want to see the logic and meaning, then why include Fast and the Furious? In the eighth part, the absurd reaches enormous heights: a bunch of absurdities, utter stupidity and delirium oozing from everywhere. And at some point you ask yourself a logical question: are they really serious here? Especially you ask them, realizing that the team Toretto became some kind of superheroes. But if you take away their main superpower - wheelbarrows - their mission in our world will be over. But while these cars have them, and therefore there are stupid Forsazhi, which from oblivion now saves one thing - the understanding and awareness of the creators of what is happening in these films. After all, as a result, it is clear how the creators themselves with the actors treat their offspring with absolute frivolity, hammering to any logic and adding everything that can entertain the viewer. A beautiful picture, cool and chic cars, an explosive and unusual action with these very machines - there is everything you need for popcorn.

And this Fast and Furious also bribes: he understands his own dullness and tries to amuse this. Here, this nonsense is not annoying and makes after watching a hait picture wholeheartedly. No. Fast and Furious gives exactly what you expect from him. It's hard not to laugh at this tape: to laugh either from real jokes or from quotes worthy of any public in all known social networks, or from the irrationality of that action that occurs on the screen, and even more unreasonableness of what precedes it, or from Of the whole action. Yes, the new part of the famous movie series about racers - it's immensely stupid, but still a really funny film that does not even try to pretend to be what it is not. And get a dose of fun, not thinking about anything - for the same and go to the Fast and the Furious.

In general, the conclusion is quite logical: like the popcorn film at once - the eighth Fast and the Furious does his work as it should. But, perhaps, the main problem is that more than once to see this tape is unlikely to come out. And not because that he is not worthy of it. It simply has nothing to show the viewer, forcing him to remember it with love. For the most part, the entire Fast and the Furious personifies the modern trend of a mass and collecting cash desk cinema: fewer thoughts - more explosions. And the eighth part under the director's wing of F. Gary Gray probably shows this trend in all its glory, but with one very important detail: the new Fast and the Furious understands all its absurdity and knows how to submit it so that it is simply impossible to get angry with this tape.

Definitely, cinema is a complicated thing, through which it is possible to convey the most interesting thoughts through the most non-standard forms. Cinema can raise problems, talk about them, give food for thought. And it must do it. But who said that the whole movie should be like that? Sometimes I want to sit in an armchair and just disconnect from everything, looking at the dumb and dumb, but to hell with the fun coolness on the screen. And that is why Fast and Furious exists and will continue to exist. And who can say that it is so direct so bad?

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