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Venom (2018) download

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  • Director :

    Ruben Fleischer

  • Stars :

    Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Jenny Slate | See full cast & crew

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This story is about Venome - the cruel and dangerous enemy of the famous spider-man. In the past, this insidious monster was not a threat and was an ordinary man. The manifestation of the essence of the monster arose as a result of an unsuccessful experiment. However, this is not the opinion of all experts who study its origin. Many argue that the symbiont has roots in the distant Galaxy and is an alien creature. Some are convinced that his appearance was a deliberate plan for the invaders of the planet, and he was sent to Earth to perform clear and coordinated tasks. The opinions of the researchers diverge, but this does not stop the evil intentions of the monster. "Venom" is bloodthirsty, strong, cruel, dangerous and will not stop at nothing. Once in a space with people, his brutal instincts are directed only at the destruction of civilians. Having learned about the impending disaster, Spiderman could not stand aside and watch thousands of innocent people perish. He came out in a serious war against the monster in the hope of eliminating it and neutralizing it. However, whether a spider man alone can cope with a crafty creature or he will have to resort to the help of other super heroes, look in good quality.

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