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Rampage (2018) download

  • Year:
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  • Director :

    Brad Peyton

  • Stars :

    Dwayne Johnson, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Malin Akerman | See full cast & crew

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Davis & mdash; promising, talented scientist, who is an employee of a secret laboratory, engaged in secret experimental work with primates. Researchers make all kinds of changes in the genetic code of human-like individuals, and then study the changes occurring with the subjects under test. A man has to closely interact with experimental specimens, of course, with such close interaction, there is a certain attachment, leading to a friendly, trusting relationship. Especially close friend was a gorilla nicknamed George. This monkey was born within the walls of a scientific institution and never saw the natural habitat of its relatives. The attentive doctor was always there, and the little creature took him for a relative, trustworthy, providing protection. You can watch online movie Rampage 2018 in good quality for free without registration.

Once the experiment conducted on George, went a little differently. Due to a recently transferred specimen of the viral disease, there were deviations in the genetic program. The behavior of a friendly, calm animal changes dramatically. He turns into an evil, uncontrollable monster, crushing everything around and hating everyone. In a fit of uncontrollable fury, he kills several scientists and escapes into the wild forests in search of real relatives. He quickly makes contact with fellow tribesmen, and together with his newborn relatives returns back, carrying destruction and death to human beings. Davis, along with the genetic engineer, is trying to invent an antidote in the shortest possible time to return the unruly gorillas to their normal condition and prevent a terrible tragedy, to eliminate the deadly threat looming over the city dwellers.

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