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Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:

    USA UK

  • Director :

    Matthew Vaughn

  • Stars :

    Theron Edgerton Channing Tatum Colin Firth Poppy Delevinj Sophie Cookson Mark Strong Jeff Bridges Julianne Moore Pedro Pascal Halle Berry

  • Genre :

    Action / Comedy / Adventure

  • Premiere :


In the movie Kingsman: The Golden Ring Representatives of British intelligence will unite with their American counterparts. The madness of the first part will continue here. Interesting It will become even more! Actions will unfold not only in the UK, but also in the United States. Secret agents will also be brought to Asia. Part of the assignment will be carried out in Cambodia. The plot is twisted around the young Eggsie. Almost all the characters from the first part will be present in the second. Eggsey was a guy from a simple working family. But the will of the case made him the secret agent of an elite intelligence unit in England. Harry Hart, who was his mentor, seems to have died at the end of the first part. But the sequel will present an unexpected surprise, associated with this character.

Agent Valentine shot him in the head. But the bullet passed a little past. Also appear the technical genius of Madeline's service Agent Roxy. Together with her, Charlie will appear, one of the opponents of the protagonist. He was also mistakenly considered killed. Headquarters Kingsman was destroyed. Central Office Statesman And the lair of the main villain Poppy will also take part in the sequel. High IQ and Marine Service It all goes to hell when you use drugs and minor crimes in your record. At work, they do not take anywhere. But when you suddenly meet a person who was saved by your father, everything begins to change radically for the better.

Then an independent intelligence service comes to the rescue with the highest level of secrecy. At first it seems like an innocent joke. But only serious guys work here. At the most dangerous interview, future participants will be brought to the limit of opportunities. And who knows Will they survive all the tests they have prepared.

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