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Kickboxer: Retaliation (2018) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Dimitrie Logotetis

  • Stars :

    Alain Mussie Christopher Lambert Jean-Claude Van Damme Mike Tyson Sarah Malacul Lane Haftor Bjørnson Sam Medina Steven Swadling Miles Strommen Jessica Yann

  • Genre :

    Action / Dramas

Nostalgia for all times does not give rest, there is something in the past of each person that turns out to be stronger and brighter than the present moments in the present. Something that I would like to stop, admire and repeat again. Either perception was more acute, or memory is better. Not an exception to the rules was Dimitry Logotatis, who wrote the script for the remake of the famous movie "Kickboxer" in the late 80s. Of those born in that era, probably, there is not a single man who is unfamiliar with this brightest example of the genre of martial arts on the screen. And the first part of the remake, released in 2016, almost adhered to the original story with the exception of some artistic (sorry for the word artistic) digressions. Despite the participation of the invited and the now popular wrestler Dave Batista along with the return to the big screen of Jean Claude Van Damme, the picture could not become a successful one, firmly entrenched at the level of B. But, Dimitry did not give up and exactly a year later presented the second part of the remake His own script and already personally authored by the author.

After the events of the first part, some dirty cops get on the trail of Kurt Sloan and kidnapping the hero transport him to a Thai prison for an illegal duel to death with local champion Mongkut.

The first thing that attracts in the picture is the cast. If in the first part were Dave Batista, Gina Carano, LCD and a couple of stars MMA and UFC, then in the second you can see twice as many familiar names and stars. Then you and Jean Claude Van Damme and Christopher Lambert, Mike Tyson and even Ronaldinho. Plus in the role of the antagonist Icelandic strongman, known for the "Game of Thrones", Haftor Bjornson. As before in the title role stuntman and still beginning actor Allen Mussi. All the guys are in their places, all colorful, but something is missing. Namely - a sane scenario. For this genre, scenic delights are certainly not necessary, but in our progressive age a skilful author for a couple with a skilful director can make not only believe in anything, but also expand the boundaries of a particular genre, changing the perception of the viewer. This is how genres evolve, but apparently not in B-shnyh films. All of what we tried to restart the legendary karate-movi in ​​the restart of the legendary karate-movi is, and, yes, it is more spectacular and dynamic than the original, but ... or even BUT ... As the spectator will empathize with the heroes, half of whom are not actors, and the second is clearly not trying, realizing in what takes part. Lambert and Van Damme only cause pity, taking up any work, Mussi waving his feet, Bjornson screams like a sliced ​​and Mike Tyson causes more laughter. Who and when can imagine Tyson, engaged in meditation ... and even in the role of a combat guru and mentor? Are we exactly thinking about the same Tyson? Although probably it can be from a parallel universe where Hitler collects herbariums, and Gandhi is engaged in genocide in India. The belief in parallel universes is also reinforced by a ragged montage, with a rasskhrivannym narrative, apparently present in such a way as to completely confuse the viewer, desperately covering scenic gaps the size of the island of Micronesia.

The conclusion is obvious: the first part of the reboot had potential, if not for all the same scenario blemishes and a lousy acting game. But there they were simply bad and the choreography could quite cover up these minuses. In the sequel, Logotetis took new "heights" in the fact that he gets the worst and the situation is already only twine together with nostalgia can not be saved. Although he did it with love.

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