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The Commuter (2018) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Jauma Collet Serra

  • Stars :

    Liam Neeson Vera Farmiga Sam Neil Patrick Wilson Jonathan Banks Elizabeth McGovern Shazad Latif Florence Pugh Lethishia Wright Killian Scott

  • Genre :

    Detectives / Dramas / Crime / Thrillers

And again the family of "screen" Liam Neeson is in danger. Only this time, he becomes a potential threat to their security. More precisely, hitting the cute lady, who invited him to become a member of the seemingly harmless experiment, an unremarkable man suddenly becomes the hero of an action packed action movie. Such, in which there are threats, scenes of violence, unexpected turns and an admixture of detective investigation to the heap. "An experimental rabbit", sitting in a car among friends and unfamiliar passengers, must determine which of them does not belong on this train. As the main motivation - actually, for what it should be so tense - he absolutely free to get a bundle of cash in a fairly large amount. And then it would be worth hesitating, but should we even get involved in this dubious adventure? But, the human nature is such that, although the absurdity of what is happening and causes an ironic smile, and the little hands themselves are dragging themselves behind the money and are hiding them deeper into the bag. Thus, making it clear that the game started, he wants it or not.

So, regarding this story game, everything turned out to be much easier than expected. Intrigue, claimed in the trailer, was enough for just half an hour. And then, as the pattern began already familiar to us from the past films of Liam dramatic upheavals, when the course are fists, weapons and the amazing ability of the hero to react lightning fast to the current emergency situation. The script of the film recalls the story of the already familiar "Air Marshal", only with a changed location. The plane is replaced by a train, passengers have the opportunity to enter and exit. But, the emphasis on closed space again takes place to be. The main characters - a bunch of strangers suspected of all mortal sins - are determined along the train from station to station. The less people, the easier it is to calculate the right person. Nevertheless, the details of what is actually to blame are omitted. Than not a detective? By the way, Liam creates one panic for some reason, the others look suspiciously at him obliquely, apparently, with the goal of intriguing him and the audience. Surprisingly, passengers are resistant to external circumstances, especially to provocations of a strange type, plying there - here by wagons in search of a victim. Of course, there were among them those who craved for blood, but it was more conceived for the introduction of action scenes in the plot, than it really helped in solving the given puzzle.

By the way, it is these scenes that can be considered the key to the success of any militant. Remember films of the 90's, when one meter could arrange such a mahach, that you look. Now for this, fields of gigantic size are required, and more extras for scale. Maybe that's why movies like "Air Marshal" and "Passenger" look with a sense of nostalgia for the past. And unlike some of the current blockbusters, they really want to watch.

In this case, there are moments in the film that are not exactly deprived of consciousness, but quite breath-taking. This is a kind of shake-up between periods of rest and silence, in order to remind viewers that in appearance a simple plot can, when necessary, and tickle nerves. A little humor was also in the topic. This is especially remembered episode "money by the wind." Although, someone he can and grieve. But, on the whole, the setting priorities were set clearly - words and actions were about 50/50. Especially inventing dialogues in this genre is not out of hand, so that they have successfully replaced the significant views. Nevertheless, many special effects were also not observed. And why spend a lot, when the director has such a trump card in his sleeve.

Jaume Collet-Serra once again bet on the popularity of his main favorite. And whatever the taste of the finished product, he did not miss. Neeson formed a sufficient number of fans to get an impressive box office on the way out. And despite the fact that the role of the actor in this genre of the militant remains stably monotonous, it does not bother anyone, including himself. Although, behind him, he has a really significant dramatic role. However, at the mention of the name of Liam Neeson, an association inevitably arises with the father, saving his daughter from criminals. As once we admired the brave Steven Seagal in this kind of films, now the emphasis shifted in favor of his more courageous colleague, who in his years remains in good enough shape to look great in the midst of gangster quarrels.

No doubt, Liam Neeson, as always, is invincible. And we will believe in it to the very end.

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