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Godzilla Monster Planet (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Hiroyuki Seshita , Kôbun Shizuno

  • Stars :

    Chris Niosi , Martin Billany , Robbie Daymond , Lucien Dodge , Kana Hanazawa , Ken'yû Horiuchi , Yuki Kaji , Kenta Miyake , Mamoru Miyano , Kazuya Nakai , Daisuke Ono , Takahiro Sakurai , Tomokazu Sugita , Jun'ichi Suwabe , Cristina Valenzuela

  • Genre :

    Cartoons / Fantastic

In the last summer of the 20th century, people learned that the planet no longer belongs to them. Giant monsters - kaizju - got out of the earth's interior, after which they began to destroy human cities and each other. The most terrible of kaizu was Godzilla. Invincible Raptor with radioactive respiration.

After half a century of senseless struggle, people decide to surrender. The chosen lucky beggars are loaded onto the Aratrum spaceship and sent 12 light-years to the planetary system of Tau-Kita to revive the civilization from near zero in the new sun. After 20 years of travel, it suddenly turns out that the new world is unsuitable for life. Among the settlers there is a movement of "returists" who are eager to return to fight the monsters again for power over the planet. Their leader is a guy named Haruo. The boy was only four years old, when Godzilla killed his parents before his eyes. Haruo craves revenge. He urges his comrades to use for dangerous return a dangerous technology of navigation in hyperspace.

Due to an error in navigation, the settlers return to Earth 20,000 years after their own escape. From human civilization there is no trace, monsters rule the world, and on the top of the food chain is the personal enemy Haruo - Godzilla.

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