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Cars 3 (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Brian Fi

  • Stars :

    Armie Hammer Nathan Fillion Owen Wilson Kerry Washington Bonnie Hunt Margo Martindale Leah Of Delaria Tony Shaloub Chris Cooper Katherine Helmond

  • Genre :

    Comedy / Cartoons / Adventure / Family / Sports

  • Premiere :


The protagonist of the cartoon "Cars 3" is the racing car Lightning McQueen, who lives in a world where all cars can see, hear, feel and talk. McQueen adores racing and speed, and he has already won a very important race - the Big Piston Cup. However, McQueen was rather arrogant and snooty, but everything changed after he accidentally ended up in the small car town of Radiator Springs on Highway 66. There he found new friends: the wise tractor Matra, able to give him good advice, the former rider Doc, who left the sport because of the accident, as well as the charming car of blue Sally, to which McQueen immediately felt sympathy - it can be learned if you watch the movie "Cars 3" online. After the adventures experienced together, Lightning McQueen decided to stay in this town, helping his new friends. But ahead of him were waiting for new adventures related to racing - because in the races and is the life of all wheelbarrows, as well as new friends who are always ready to help him.

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