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Office Christmas Party (2016) download

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  • Director :

    Josh Gordon, Will Speck

  • Stars :

    Jason Bateman Olivia Mann TJ Miller Jennifer Aniston Keith McKinnon Courteney B. Vance Gillian Bell Rob Cordry Vanessa Bayer Randall Park

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"New Year's party in the office", humorous explaining the need for New Year's mood and collective holidays among fellow workers. Also reassuring is that Kate McKinnon finally achieved not only mastery in the ability to independently build full-fledged acting sketches in a large screen format, but also of the same level of popularity and credibility as her partners in the comedy shop Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston.

Trailers that promised an uninterrupted mass drive on an improvised dance. field in the office space, not everyone is telling the potential viewer. This comedy, at the mercy of the beloved and familiar scenes of an incredibly obscene and equally ridiculous fun in a state of altered consciousness, is only half the time, using them as an operational means of expressing the main idea of ​​the work - professional subordination and coordination must be complemented by benevolent attitudes and mutual support .

The bright colors of visualizing a simple storyline about the interaction of a too kind boss in the performance of TJ Miller, too evil - Jennifer Aniston, a doubting executive and quiet worker - Jason Bateman and the office commander and part-time eccentric lover of ridiculous sweaters and casual sex - Kate McKinnon, will not do without the already mentioned party, car chase through the streets of Chicago, clashes with the criminal world and the absurd attempts of the heroes to appear "cooler" before colleagues.

Presented to the world by the "Blades of Glory" directors Will Spack and Josh Gordon, they continue their creative work in the direction of uniting the radical adherence to the universe, where the geeks are completely dominated, and to the more accessible mass audience of the romantic comedy with an uncomplicated dramatic drawing. Thanks to the collective creativity of the team of six screenwriters, among whom the authors of so different in style humorous films like the burlesque "Bachelor Party in Vegas", the nostalgic action "Pixels" and intellectual satire on the verge of allowed "Borat", Spac and Gordon managed organically in form and productively content to combine and humor, marked with the letter "R" and incredible in its shrill touching affirmation of the primacy of interpersonal relations over the market with the old-fashionedness of those comedies, where the conventional th theme is "Jingle Bells", and all the heroes are a priori morally impeccable and their quarrels are exclusively contrived.

Dance in a snowman costume, electrogarlands instead of tarzanka and jokes about masturbation are supplemented by timidity of love confessions, the enchantment of office bores (whose annoying shortcomings, in general, are always uncritical) and the sincere hope that the viciousness, envy and self-love of individuals overcome by a combination of efforts and an illustrative example. "New Year's party in the office" is now a classic modern instructive tale, revealing an undeniable resemblance to the film "How to steal a skyscraper?", Similarly denying certain manifestations of the capitalist economy. That gravitates to the comedic rich glorification of the slogan "Little party never killed somebody", for which he dresses Jason Bateman in a black woman's coat with a fur collar, introducing him as a pimp.

Of course, the "New Year's party in the office", for obvious reasons, seems to be a seasonal product. But this is due solely to external Christmas-New Year attributes. After all, a cheerful and instructive story a priori can not get out of the trend. Nevertheless, the "New Year's party in the office" has not found a big rolling success and positive criticism, even coming out for hire during the New Year holidays. The reason for this was the continuity of the gags, the "joke for joke" mode and the authors' confidence in the sense of humor and speed of reaction of the majority of viewers, allowing to leave behind any composition pauses and censorship, subordinating the response on the screen to the only question that sounds from the mouth of the hero Te JM Miller: "How fast do you need to accelerate in order to jump over a divorced bridge?".

In a light form, in a relaxed tone, "New Year's party in the office" in places is touching, and in places piquant, but from that no less intelligently hints at the obligations of each individual to be not only a professional in his business, a master of competence and decency. And let the soundtrack from the actual at the time of the release of the picture on the air and on the dance. The field of tracks is likely to appear archaic in a decade to the new generation of spectators, but the sincerity of the characters and the conviction of the film's authors in the legitimacy of the comedic approach to morality and morality, expressed in the gnarliness of gags and positions, will never become obsolete. Like "Silent Night" by Franz Huber, sounding against the backdrop of urban metropolis landscape, disco lights, snowmobiles and unpretentious corporate snacks.

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