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I, Tonya (2017) download

  • Year:
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  • Director :

    Craig Gillespie

  • Stars :

    Margot Robbie Sebastian Stan Allison Jenny Caitlin Carver Bobby Cannavale McKenna Grace Boyana Novakovich Julianne Nicholson Catherine Dyer Paul Walter Hauser

  • Genre :

    Biographies / Dramas / Comedy / Sports

Perhaps it would not be an exaggeration to say that Margot Robbie is unequivocally one of the most notable actresses of modern cinema. "The Wolf from Wall Street" literally opened the world to Margo, and "Squad of suicides" turned her into a real superstar with a huge number of pre-planned pictures. However, the question of the dramatic talent of the actress for many remains open to this day and "Tonya vs. all" directed by Craig Gillespie is unequivocally a worthy answer to this question.

"I, Tonya" (thanks to the "creative" thinking of our localizers "Tonya vs. all") is a reproduction of the life of one of the most scandalous skaters in the history of figure skating. Despite the fact that the main attention of the tape makers is based on the scandalous incident with the attack on rival Tony Harding, figure skater Nancy Kerrigan, during two hours of screen time, the tape makers try to cover the most important and key moments of the life of the scandalous figure skater. Since her first appearance on the ice at the age of 4 years and finishing with sad attempts to try herself in professional boxing after a lifetime exclusion from figure skating and universal hatred.

Small steps, the tape makers draw on the screen the very image of Tony Harding, who for a long time remained behind the curtain of public attention. Drawing on the screen crippled by physical and psychological violence of a man who in every way craved for love. The love of his father who abandoned her as a child. The love of the mother, who brutally crushed her with numerous training and psychological pressure. The love of her husband, who in every way beat her about and without. The love of the public, which was from whom to choose given the huge number of figure skaters. However, all this is presented in no way as a serious and heavy drama, as with a certain amount of self-irony and a farce, from which the film perhaps even wins. But, alas, it does not reveal its full potential as, say, "Made in America" ​​by Doug Lyman with a similar presentation of the material.

The director of this tape, Craig Gillespie, shot an absolutely un-typical biopic, which is very different from the other baiopics. Creating an impression of no serious dramatic tape, how many hooliganous and perky black comedy. Perhaps it is this, and superbly emphasizing the same hooliganism and fervent disposition of Tony Harding herself at the time of her youth. Beautifully stylized the picture under the 70's, 80's and 90's, not only from the point of view of the picture, but also the atmosphere itself. Unless, somewhat smearing the impression by too uneven manner of narration, and also from the badly made scenes of Tony Harding's performances on the screen. When, with the naked eye, not only the "jabbered" body of the figure skater against the background of the green screen, but the very face of Margo Robby, which was badly "glued" to the body of a professional figure skater in the stages of performances. Leaving the "conscience" Robbie less complex elements of figure skating.

However, without any exaggeration, the heart of the whole tape and the best that is in the picture is certainly exactly Margo Robbie, who not only proved on the screen that she is a talented dramatic actress, but she certainly played one of the strongest and best roles in her career. Absolutely completely dissolved into his heroine and very naturally showing the complex character and character of Tony Harding. I think that she deserved the nomination for her game. Very good is Sebastian Stan, who looks extremely interesting in the image of absolute inadequacy after the image of the Winter Soldier from the cinematic universe. Absolutely gorgeous Ellison Jenny, who managed to create on the screen perhaps the most powerful and characteristic image of the picture. At the same time playing so convincingly that there is no doubt about the authenticity of the words and actions of her heroine. Unambiguously deserve with his magnificent game all possible awards "award season".

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