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Wonder Wheel (2017) download

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  • Director :

    Woody Allen

  • Stars :

    James Belushi Juneau Temple Justin Timberlake Kate Winslet Max Casella Jack Gore David Kramholtz Robert C. Kirk Tommy Nokhilli Toni Siriko

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In this case, we are talking about a new film by Woody Allen, full of bitterness, regrets and unfulfilled hopes. And do not be fooled by the stunning beauty of the poster, do not believe bright cheerful colors and the sunny coast of Coney Island. Alas, this is life: in the best scenery, not the most good things happen.

Of course, in the style of Mr. Allen make everything very cheerful in appearance: as if nothing of the kind happened at all. 50th, America, the ocean coast, promenade - with carousels, attractions, a shooting gallery and other charms of a life: what it is possible to wish? A beautiful young girl is looking for her father (James Belushi), with whom she quarreled a long time because of fundamental differences. The father is a mechanic on a children's merry-go-round with horses, now he lives with his new wife (a waitress at a local seafood cafe) and her son from the first marriage (a schoolboy with a passion to set everything on fire).

The girl (Juneau Temple) runs away from a past life and tries to hide where she will not be found. The father hardly reacts to her, for he is very offended by the past. Virginia's stepmother (Kate Winslet), in fact, no special feelings - negative or positive - does not feel, she is unnecessarily troubled by an ardent son. And all continue to live, as they live, writing "newcomer" into their habitual picture of the worn out world.

But the narrative, which is conducted on behalf of a young man who also once wrote in his life a blond girl (Mickey, Timberlake), is not built around a new life and family reunion - even if you first seem otherwise. No, really. The story is not about a happy fairy tale or a certain kind of dramatic end.

We have: a few not the happiest people, the saddest of which is the beautiful red haired Virginia. Once she has already made the wrong move, which now regrets so much that even her son needs help ... And now she tries to cope with regret and gratitude to her second husband with all improvised ways that do not always cause approval. The lady is full of disappointments, doubts, pain and regrets about the past, and therefore - dissatisfaction with the life that currently resides. Since she does not cease to blame for and without, her fate becomes like a closed steep-read, wheel. Amazing by its infinite rotation, but by no means miraculous.

It happens that our random solutions can cost a lot to others, and sometimes they can lead to irreparable consequences ... Here, according to the scheme of communication of the solution and consequences, one beauty fades and another youth disappears. And, it turns out, there is no end to this endless circle of repetitive situations: if a person does not appreciate what he has, what valuable experience can he talk about? All life in this case turns into torture from the repetition of the same mistake. And if a person constantly repeats to himself how bad he is, he will sooner or later become really bad.

But it's not just about Virginia: her husband and his daughter, for example, do not want to repeat mistakes. They reunite not that smoothly after a long separation, but still they meet each other. However, since everything in the world is connected, and they will reflect the desire of the main character to endlessly suffer for the lost. She not only worries about a mistake, but she also realizes on a daily basis that she could not realize herself in life because of her hopes for acting. Therefore, each of her monologues, each of her lines, is part of some unknown drama. Allen even lighted in a pair of scenes as if Virginia were broadcasting from the stage.

Do you know a lot of films, where in the foreground are not young / beautiful / funny / successful, namely, dying and disappointed? Me not. So, "Wheel of Wonders" - just a movie where young perform a secondary role, "assistant" - to help open the line of the main character. Here and here: as the narrator and the stepdaughter are rushing into the playwrights - like the stones encountered in the heroine's way, about which she stumbles - in order to consider a new chance for change right before her. Alas…

And here the whole film as a result - as the game of the main character in different performances, like a dead loop, or rather, a vicious circle: from regret to despair and rash acts - and again unfortunately. It feels like Woody Allen finally hints at something to the audience ...

But the plot on is so clinging, to be honest: I often see eternally regretful people who revel in their suffering. So what? Anti-example on the antiprome. And the value of this picture is greater in its visual content and acting team. Simply incredible game Kate has already been noted by many critics in the West, an unusual Belushi beluga organically combines with his impulsiveness and frequent impulses to drink experiences of something stronger than soda, Juno Temple, as always, is beautiful, and Timberlake from an active and agile boy (he looks like this in most of the films) suddenly turned on screen in a Jude Law-like hero-lover with sadness in the bottomless blue eyes. It's incredible, really. And more voice: it is inimitable, I first turn

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