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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) download

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  • Director :

    James Gunn

  • Stars :

    Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista

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"Guardians of the Galaxy. Part 2 "is an example of how the sequel not only not tarnished the stable reputation of its predecessor, but also brought it to a much better level, that for the lines of Marvel paintings, it is rather a rare case than a rule or at least a habit. The film confidently follows the path of controversy ever since it gained success with the audience with little-known heroes and, in some places, absurd situations.

The sequel confidently played on the already touched strings of spectators' souls, mixing what is good, what is rich in the original, with new components, and putting it all in the hyperbolized Absolute. If the "Guardians of the Galaxy" is a picture about "actions", then the sequel - about the catalysts of those same actions. Described before the characters are fully disclosed (for which special thanks to James Gann), by exposing the demons hidden inside them, than not only have more to themselves, but, in some cases, are forced to radically change the opinion of themselves. The second call of "Guardians" enshrined the right to be considered a "phenomenon" in the Marvel universe, occupying a separate niche. The picture, like the first one, is completely abstracted from the involvement in existing Marvel projects, due to which it looks more winning and interesting compared to the endless "earthly" projects that you want, you do not want, but still always about "Avengers". And if the cast of the latter is already boring everyone, the colorful heroes of the "Guardians" are at the peak of popularity. Actors, indeed, live with their characters, filling them with distinctive charisma, and new faces, such as Kurt Russell (God, he's gorgeous!) And Pom Clementeffe, refreshed the narrative just at the right time. Disclosure of the new arrivals coincided with the flourishing of the potential of existing characters, creating a "one-level" collective, which is also a rarity in group films. A distinctive feature of the development of history is balancing between antonymic phenomena. Firstly, it is a vintage, motley, acidic, but high-tech image shot on the camera "Weapon 8K", presented for 80s hits, a symbiosis of the cultural classics of the last century and a high-tech scope that makes movies truly family, combining the youth of the current generation with "the best Years "of the previous one. Secondly, confident maneuvering between frank laughter and soul-searching depth of feelings. The comedy of the situation is replaced dramatically so that the viewer has time to survive all the emotions brought to him, without missing a single slide of these "emotional swing".

Deeper into the nature of the characters is an excellent help for the formation of plot lines of the picture, which, reasonably took advantage of James Gunn. The central idea of ​​the narrative is the family. This is a convenient, versatile and very powerful theme that allowed the creators to make a fuss: here is how you perceive the depths of the blood ties of Gamora and Nebula (the shadow in which Thanos walks), Peter Qwill and Ego, and the abstract concept of "family" as the coexistence of people in one team , And, finally, the solved equation of relations between Quill and Yonda. The emotionality of the characters acquires a new color, and only Groot and Drax, with their invariable immediacy and near-prickly simplicity, remain the main cause of the infinitely stupid smiles on the faces of the spectators.

James Gunn chose a risky narrative path, built a mixture of generations of cultures, a shoot that, if misused, would kill the visual on the root, on humor bordering on stupidity. But the risk was justified, because "Guardians of the Galaxy. Part2 "is a serious story based on quality jokes, a beautiful picture and a selection of Awesome Mix Vol. 2, which will make you crave the continuation of history, the creation of which has already been confirmed by James Gunn.

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