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The Disaster Artist (2017) download

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  • Director :

    James Franco

  • Stars :

    James Franco , Dave Franco , Ari Graynor , Seth Rogen , Alison Brie , Jacki Weaver , Paul Scheer , Zac Efron , Josh Hutcherson , June Diane Raphael , Megan Mullally , Jason Mantzoukas , Andrew Santino , Nathan Fielder , Joe Mande

  • Genre :

    Biographies / Dramas / Comedy

"Woe is the creator" - the artistic history of the creation of the film "Room" with the cult status "the worst in the whole history." In this film, the source is ridiculed to some extent, but it is worth noting that a large part of the film is its praise. The film is praised by Tommy Weissot, Greg Sestero and their desire for a dream.

Undoubtedly, we are watching the production of the film and we can not help but deny the stupidity and absurdity of many points when creating the "Room". We see a complete lack of acting talent in Tommy and Greg, but it does not affect them in any way, especially on Tommy, they continue to bend their line. Even when the world told them to leave, they never gave up. Surprisingly, this message inspires.

The film is perceived by something more than mere mockery because of how it shows the relationship between Tommy and Greg. Both sincerely loved each other and saw each other like no other. Greg, of course, did not understand all Tommy's methods and decisions, but he understood Tommy's good intentions. This friendship was felt through the screen.

After Tommy writes the script for the "Rooms", and the shooting begins, he expresses his features in full force. While the crew sees him as a fool, we feel that there is something else. Despite his complete incompetence in directing, acting and in all aspects of cinema, we still justify it. Tommy makes absurd and confusing things that do not make sense for Greg or anyone else. Even one of Tommy's explanations was simple - "people do crazy things." Nevertheless, Greg remains true.

James Franco gave the performance, playing Weizo, not indulging in ridicule. Franco shows his gait, stiff shoulders, hunched-up position, indefinable and inconsistent accent, as well as his laughter.

You do not need to see the "Room" to enjoy the "Grief-Creator". But would it have a greater effect? Certainly. A lot of jokes, used in the "Mountain-Creator", are taken naturally from the source. I have not watched the "Room" yet, but I will get to it, which I recommend to you. As well as the "Woe-Creator"

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