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The Equalizer 2 (2018) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Antoine Fukua

  • Stars :

    Pedro Pascal Denzel Washington Bill Pullman Jonathan Scarf Melissa Leo Donald Cerronet Ashton Sanders Sakina Jaffrey Abigail Marlowe Alin Halajian

  • Genre :

    Action / Crime / Thrillers

  • Premiere :


There was a certain stage in life, and Robert McCall wanted to complete his professional activities. The man has reached mature years, and the execution of state orders has become very tiring. Most of all, this concerned the psychological condition, the retired Special Forces officer. His desire to cooperate with the FBI simply disappeared. The physical preparation of the military remains at a proper level. Hardened in the most complex operations, the body continues to work with great efficiency and withstand impressive overloads. After completing his former career, a former intelligence officer decides to engage in trade. A small business grows over time, roots and begins to deliver a stable income. Now you can relax to live in a measured way, get rid of worry, without resorting to previous activities. You can watch online Great Equalizer 2 in good quality for free without registration.

Tranquility and dimensionality suddenly ended after a short time. Once a man becomes an accidental witness of an unpleasant incident. A few rude people shamelessly stick to a defenseless girl. The person is engaged in prostitution, however, representatives of this profession should not be subjected to physical humiliation by intruders. In front of Robert, they grab a victim and take him from the scene, he does not have time to take decisive action. A brave veteran rushes after the criminals, overtakes them and frees the unfortunate. He convinces the girl to abandon the unseemly occupation and find a normal, legitimate way of earning. By his courageous and selfless act, he caused serious problems to arise. The criminal elements and the police begin to hunt for the defender.

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