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Untitled Deadpool Sequel (2018) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    David Litch

  • Stars :

    Morena Baccarin Brianna Hildebrand Ryan Reynolds Josh Brolin TJ Miller Zazi Bitz Eddie Marsan Jack Kesey Julian Dennison Leslie Aggms

  • Genre :

    Action / Comedy / Adventure / Fantastic

Deadpool 2 is an anti-hero of modern times, he is not afraid of anything, he looks at death with a smile and irony in his face. Madness and black humor in the murder - his second "I". The history of the appearance of Deadpool is full of caricorn turns and ridiculous life events. A young and attractive hero was famous for extravagant antics during his main work, namely hunting and destroying criminals on his way. In the past, the military commando of an elite detachment, he is a high-class and merciless killer. Able to destroy the target without any ethical regrets.

After the oncology doctor made a fatal diagnosis, the main character of the film, Wade Wilson, is in decline, because he still has several months to live. But one day, he sits down to a stranger at a bar in the bar, and everything changes ... The stranger invited Wade Wilsonon to take part in a secret government experiment, after which the patient can be completely cured. Deadpool 2 watch online you can on our portal after the premiere.

Our hero doubts, but still the desire to live has got the upper hand, he listened to the advice of a stranger, and becomes a participant in a unique project: "Weapon X". After a mutation, he not only heals from his deadly ailments, but also attains inhuman strength, speed and quick regeneration. He will become a living weapon. But someone did not say that this is an extremely painful procedure, and, undoubtedly, will affect the patient's psyche. And here he is, an advanced man, in a cool suit already rushing around the city in search of scoundrels, sending them to the next world.

In the fight against criminals, he is not alone, "People X" help him. Which, unlike Deadpool, do not prioritize revenge or killing scoundrels in the first place. After the end of the first part, the main film director announced the release of the next part. In which the main character will continue his crusade against the criminals, sending them all to the forefathers. He is also fast, selenium, bold and everything is also sharp on phrases. Black humor will be steeper, and stunts will be impressive for fans of fantastic films. He is a lone wolf, able to defeat the army alone, but how will he manage without the listener of his crazy philosophy ?! He will also be a man with supernatural powers. Together they will show the criminality that humane methods of fighting against them are not worth waiting for, a bullet in the head and no consequence is justice in the style of Deadpool. After all, this is the essence of "Deadpool". The release date of Deadpool 2 is set for June 1, 2018.

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Untitled Deadpool Sequel (2018) Film movie Untitled Deadpool Sequel (2018) download free torrent Full HD 1080

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