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Ocean's Eight (2018) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Gary Ross

  • Stars :

    Cate Blanchett Matt Damon Olivia Mann Dakota Fanning Ann Hataway Sandra Bullock Haley Baldwin Helena Bonham Carter Richard Armitage Cathy Holmes

  • Genre :

    Action / Crime / Thrillers

At one time, Danny Ocean committed several daring robberies. The man worked in large, he was not exchanged for banal theft and small profits. The first time Danny was going to rob the new casino Terry Benedict - a tough and powerful businessman. But Terry does not forgive any offense, so the confrontation did not end there. Danny assembled an amazing team that was able to turn a risky and dangerous scam. And now a new part of the cult history awaits the audience. The focus is on Debbie Ocean, who is assembling a team for a new cause. In many ways, Debbie is similar to Danny: adventurism and a thirst for adventure is in her blood. In the team, Debbie will be one girl - scammers and world class thieves. What will be their next goal: an invaluable picture, a jackpot of one hundred million dollars or something else? Anyway, Debbie thoroughly prepares, working out the plan to trifles. Still, there will be many tests and obstacles on the way: you have to improvise and take risks, and sometimes the plan is designed for many moves, so you will have to lose to win in the end. Do not miss the release of a new adventure film, which will present the viewer's "Eight Miss Girlfriends".

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