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The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016) download

  • Year:
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  • Director :

    André Øvredal

  • Stars :

    Brian Cox, Emile Hirsch, Ophelia Lovibond

  • Genre :


After watching this film, which is called "The Demon Inside" or "The Opening of Jane Doe", it remained in terrible sensations, and easy anxiety, which means the film turned out to be excellent. The genre of "Horror" and "Thriller" in its totality and the correct director's production create incredible things. This film is a direct proof of this. After all, from the first 15 minutes to the end of the film, the picture does not even allow us to rest. A convoluted plot makes you think about those events that are happening at the moment in the film.

For a relatively small budget, this film surpassed all my expectations and even more, conquered by its culmination, and the outcome was very unexpected, but the problem for me was that the film does not answer some of the questions that arise from the beginning of the film. It can be such a director's move that the audience could think of for themselves or a hint of the next part. But since the next part is not expected, then, consequently, this is the first option. Unfortunately, I did not appreciate this move, and so I remained annoyed that I never saw in the film, as the director answers with his creation to these questions.

The atmosphere of the film is just off scale. After all the whole plot of the film takes place in the basement of the estate Tilden, where Austin and Thomas Tilden have their morgue. In the same place and unfold all events that lead to a logical end, without explanation.

The cast in the film is very small, but the characters play their roles at the maximum and as a result, the film is of excellent quality. It's safe to say that the actors played at 100%.

Special effects and post-processing are present in a maximum of a couple of moments and this is quite enough, as the film's concept does not require a strong computer intervention. A simple situation and the lack of something unreal, even more immerses in the atmosphere, and anxiety from this begins to grow.

Perhaps the only censure on the plot is a movie with a cat, where in one case it is completely in a prigozhem condition and everything is fine, but in another, it is already in a terrible state, but the main characters are not much surprised, referring to his old age and Old disease.

We draw a conclusion, I recommend the film for viewing, delivered those emotions that should be inherent in watching a horror film.

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