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Crooked House (2017) download

  • Year:
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  • Director :

    Gilles Paquet-Brenner

  • Stars :

    Christina Hendricks , Gillian Anderson , Glenn Close , Terence Stamp , Max Irons , Julian Sands , Honor Kneafsey , Amanda Abbington , Stefanie Martini , Roger Ashton-Griffiths , Christian McKay , Preston Nyman , John Heffernan , Jenny Galloway , David Cann

  • Genre :

    Dramas / Crime

In the bowels of his own estate, a successful businessman and extremely extraordinary personality dies Aristide Leonidis. How soon it becomes known to the investigation - he dies of poisoning, which clearly hints at the murder. The granddaughter of the deceased, Sofia Leonidis, invites to the house of his former lover, now private detective Charles Hayward, who has a few days to understand the reasons for such a sudden death. Soon it turns out that the inhabitants of the house resemble more likely spiders in a bank and each of them would not mind to personally remove Aristide. But only one of them embodied his plan ...

Against the backdrop of the new actively advertised film version of the novel by Agatha Christie, "Murder in the Orient Express" Kenneth Branagh somehow very imperceptibly appeared on the wide screens of another legendary work "The Crouching Little House". But there was definitely for that view to catch on. First of all, of course, the very literary basis. "The crocheted little house", of course, is not included in the generally accepted three of Agatha's best works (everything is firmly occupied by the Ten Negroes, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd and the same Oriental Express), but in the top 10 it will probably be included more and more or less familiar with the creativity of the writer people. There is also an outstanding, especially by the standards of that time, plot final twist, and dramaturgy, and a set of chic, diverse characters. The director, who took up the adaptation of this work, is Gilles Paquet-Brenner. The filmmaker is not very well known, but his previous film was also generally a good literary detective: the tape "Dark Secrets" is based on one of the novels of Gillian Flynn, the one that wrote "Vanished." Well, the cast, of course: Gillian "Scully" Anderson, Christina Hendricks, Glenn Close, Amanda "Watson's wife" Abbington, Terence Stamp - not the last of all people in Hollywood.

In a word, admirers of the creativity of the legendary British writer to get acquainted with this tape was a must. I went to the movies too. And in no way was this campaign disappointed. Perhaps this is not the most brilliant adaptation of Agatha Christie, but she is unambiguously removed with love for the original and with a firm understanding of the texture. In this film, I liked the balance between the literary basis and my own finds. On the one hand, many dialogues in films are taken almost word for word from the book; on the other hand, there are interesting plot deviations: the line with Cairo and the first meeting of Sofia and Charles, details of the second attempt, new bright colors in the images of the widow Aristide and the lady Edith, brutally shooting moles from a double-barreled gun. At the same time, the detective intrigue is pumped quite forward, suspense is present, the plot does not fall apart into pieces, and the actors work out very, very conscientiously: Gillian Anderson and Amanda Abbington were especially good. The only thing I did not like very much was the fact that the identity of the murderer is a little more pronounced from the very beginning, not as it was in the book. So it becomes easier to guess.

As a result, I liked the picture, and even very much. A good, strong screen version of a good, strong detective novel. I especially advise, of course, the fans of the original work of Agatha Christie. Spirit and style are present here in full measure, thus it is removed not boringly and not banal. Glad - now the turn of Kenneth and his star composition of the suspects in the new "Orient Express."

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