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The Predator (2018) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Shane Black

  • Stars :

    Jacob Tremblay Yvonne Strahowski Olivia Mann Thomas Jane Boyd Holbrook Sterling K. Brown Kigen-Michael Key Edward James Olmos Niall Matter Jake Busie

  • Genre :

    Action / Adventure / Thrillers / Horrors / Fantastic

  • Premiere :


The next part of the famous popular science franchise "Predator". In the center of the plot is a middle-aged man, who in the recent past served in the US Navy, namely, was a Marine. One day he is convinced from his own experience that there are alien beings on our planet who, besides, are not very friendly. A man tries to inform everyone of his discovery, but, as one would expect, no one believes his words. Nevertheless, our hero does not give up.

He decides to establish contact with the aliens and for this he connects his son to the cause. Although the guy is diagnosed with autism and all the students laugh at him, but he has no equal in the study of foreign languages. The man hopes that his son will be able to find a common language with aliens and understand why they are here. But, as it turns out very soon, the main character started a very dangerous business, because the aliens have only one goal - to destroy humanity. And now our heroes are the only ones who can stop them. Who will win the final battle?

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