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Sweet Virginia (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:

    USA Canada

  • Director :

    Jamie M. Dagg

  • Stars :

    Jon Bernthal , Christopher Abbott , Imogen Poots , Rosemarie DeWitt , Jared Abrahamson , Odessa Young , Darcy Laurie , Joseph Lyle Taylor , Victoria Bidewell , Therés Amee , Cameron Hilts , Scott A. McGillivray , Jason Groves

  • Genre :

    Dramas / Thrillers

When you do not expect anything from the film, do not pin hopes and simply turn it on to pass the time, then the pleasure doubles if this film turns out to be the opposite of expectations. It happened with the movie "Sweet Virginia", which we translated for some reason as "Murder in Alaska", another low bow to the localizers.

Personally, I expected to see something like the summer thriller "Windy River", where by the way, too, played the newly made punisher John Bertnal. But I was disappointed in expectations, and I must say that they let me down in a good way.

The main parts of the film went to John Bertnal himself, as well as to Christopher Abbott, who played excellently in quite a passing horror "it comes at night." With each of his new films, Christopher grows as an actor, evolution is very noticeable. His antagonist was very colorful, something reminiscent of the antagonists of the Coen brothers. He restrains nervous impulses within himself, and this is given to him with difficulty. He can not communicate, seems incredibly detached and strange, he also tries to joke, but his humor turns out to be quite black. Again, humor reminds the brothers mentioned above.

John also appeared in a very unusual role, once again proving that he can play not only macho and all sorts of militants. Here he plays a broken man who often remembers the past. This incidentally a separate topic in this film. Despite all its horror simple string, the film focuses on all the characters in action. He shows them breaking, nervous tension. And everyone who gets into the frame, who is given time has its own vices.

In the film, the atmosphere of something irreversible, gloomy and frightening works amazingly. A long, gloomy visual row, the music that plays throughout the film even more deepens you into the atmosphere.

The whole film, with the exception of some scenes, takes place at night, in the evening or in the early morning, there is practically no place for the sun. I also noticed that the director took on a very good example of symbolism, namely, dreams. Dreams of heroes. They talk all the time about nightmares, they dream of horrors, darkness, gloominess. And although the correlation of the main characters is not so strong, they still all together form a single, suppressed organism.

In general, the director made a huge step in comparison with the previous film, carried out a comprehensive work on the errors. It turned out just great.

Such films, without a budget, without special effects, only prove how important the operator's work is, how important is the selection of musical accompaniment and of course the actors' play. She is here at a high level.

By the way, the film will appeal to everyone who loves the Scandinavian detective, the nearest, with what you can compare - "Girl with a dragon tattoo" Fincher.

I recommend.

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