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Super Dark Times (2017) download

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  • Director :

    Kevin Phillips

  • Stars :

    Owen Campbell , Charlie Tahan , Elizabeth Cappuccino , Max Talisman , Sawyer Barth , Amy Hargreaves , Adea Lennox , Ethan Botwick , Philip H. Ashley , Justin Rose , Kortnee Simmons , Samantha Jones , Anni Krueger , Jeffrey Alan Solomon , Carl Arcilesi

  • Genre :

    Dramas / Thrillers

Pictures similar to the stylistics of the novels of Stephen King now entered a kind of trend, not to mention the fact that 2017 marked the return of King's screen versions on screens. Then you and "It" and "Mr. Mercedes" and even "Gerald's Game." And this is not to say that at the end of the year comes the second season of "Very strange cases," which draw incredibly much inspiration in Stephen King's stories. It's no wonder that other directors want to work in this field, and in this case it concerns the director Kevin Phillips, as well as the writers Ben Collins and Luke Petrovsky. The latter worked on the horror film "Siren", which was shot on a still familiar to many horror fans a short film. This time, the focus is on teenagers, that is, ordinary people who face absolutely insurmountable problems.

Teenagers Zach and Josh have been friends for a long time. Many peers consider them terribly strange and not all of them are eager to communicate. But still there are those who are more or less like Zak and Josh. Once the latter go on a joint walk for one with the other peers, they carelessly walk around, release a huge number of jokes and just enjoy themselves in a generally carefree youth. But who would have known that this trip would end incredibly sad for each of the schoolchildren ...

Returning to the same adaptations of Stephen King, it is worth noting that "Very Dark Times" very meticulously follows the traditions of many adaptations of King. There are many components here - a provincial town, a very dark and piercing atmosphere, a group of teenagers and a terrible secret that unites them. At the same time, the film itself very unusually uses close-ups and creates the impression that the creators invest in them something more, some hidden meaning that you can not grasp. In this case, the picture has a really great soundtrack, but what a pity that the creators do not allow themselves to use it to their fullest. And as soon as a truly excellent track is included, the creators seem to cut it down specially, and leave the viewer frustrated. Actor's work has also come up quite suitable, which is even a bit surprising for a not too popular project. All teenagers play excellently and it is here that the whole narrative is built. For their task, they cope for one hundred percent and most of the film is very pleased at their expense. Although there is still all the same and a significant problem, but the trouble is that it is really substantial and manages to eclipse itself very much the merits of the picture. Alas, but the problem was a final, which completely breaks down all the logic that the creators carefully built up literally from the very beginning. One of the characters begins to get up completely illogical things and turn the plot of the work into a real hell and some mess. His actions to some extent seem to be explainable, but I confess I was expecting a more adjusted and clever conclusion, but it turned out at the level of most mediocre slashers.

Despite the final, all the same it is worth noting that "Very dark times" is not the worst work and to some extent it is quite capable to please the fans of the works of Stephen King, because there are quite a few components for this. Another thing is that King is accustomed to finish his stories correctly, and here the writers decided to recall their previous experience of working on the "Siren" and arrange a completely useless ending, which abounds almost with episodes from some slasher. But I do not deny the probability that this finale will be to the taste of this or that audience. To skip "Very dark times" is probably not worth it, but if you are a fan of King's works and are still looking forward to "Very strange cases", then you can still pay attention to the work of Kevin Phillips. But for such a finale, I probably still slightly lower the final score.

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