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Gosford Park (2001) download

  • Year:
  • Country:

    USA UK Italy

  • Director :

    Robert Altman

  • Stars :

    Kelly McDonald Emily Watson Christine Scott Thomas Michael Gambon Clive Owen Helen Mirren Ryan Philippe Maggie Smith Richard E. Grant Eileen Atkins

  • Genre :

    Detectives / Dramas / Comedy

If someone now decided to release a restored DVD with this film 12 years ago, then on the box, probably would have written something like "From the script writer" Downtown Abbey, "even, for example, that for the script to Gosford Park, Julian Fellowes, actually received an Oscar. And it's not just in fashion trends, in the widespread and not so my favorite practice of advertising pictures through the stupidest labels "from the creator ...". "Downton Abbey" is simply bigger, more massive and more majestic than "Gosford Park", however, and this film has its indisputable, stoppuded, as they say, pluses.

One of them is megakast. You do not often see such a steep cast of actors: McLean Gambon, Maggie Smith, Helen Mirren, Emily Watson, Stephen Fry, Christine Scott Thomas, Clive Owen, Kelly MacDonald, Ryan Philippe, Alan Bates and others. Separately, it should be said about Maggie Smith. She's just amazing. This is the beloved British grandmother-countess. Each of its similar role is a treasure. It so animates the action by its appearance in the frame, that every time you are amazed at the source of such a life-giving force, such cunning, such a cheeky smile and such inexpressible glances.

And after this plus follows the next - a rock and gray-headed genius director Robert Altman, adroitly, managing with this star ensemble. I am convinced that a more concentrated concentration of talented people increases the chances of the film to make a masterpiece at the output.

Of course, the film industry knew examples and failed paintings with a crazy caste, but the British and the British in general in this respect personally act as such reliable quality guarantors for me. They never, or almost never, change their self-respect, pride and self-esteem. This is often seen not only in the atmosphere of British films, but sometimes it is almost written on the faces of actors. Sometimes it is somehow confused with stiffness. And, of course, they certainly never change the feeling of style.

To list the interior beauty of Gosford Park is not particularly needed (suits, buildings, scenery from the British are always unmatched) - it's better to say a few words about the atmosphere of a brilliant British detective. It is cool and at the same time internally passionate, mysterious and cloudy, like the weather of Foggy Albion. The action on the screen fades into indecision (the director, as if watching from the shelter behind the reaction of the viewer), then everything comes in an indescribable movement, in a whirlwind, impetuous and fatal.

This movie reminded me in part of the adored "8 women" of Francois Ozon: in the house where the family / company gathers, a crime occurs, and each of the characters has its own motives for doing it. And the director's startling game with the spectator begins, and the crazy work of the brain begins, trying to find the clue.

"Gosford Park" - this is another product with the tag "British cinema of the highest standard." However, "Downton" is closer to me personally, because it is more alive, warmer, more emotional or something. Here I sometimes lacked fire, which, it seemed, was about to break free, but this fire was always unceremoniously locked in a bottle of restraint.

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