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Loving Vincent (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:

    Poland UK

  • Director :

    Dorota Kobiela , Hugh Welchman

  • Stars :

    Douglas Booth , Jerome Flynn , Robert Gulaczyk , Josh Burdett , Holly Earl , Robin Hodges , Chris O'Dowd , John Sessions , Helen McCrory , Eleanor Tomlinson , Aidan Turner , Saoirse Ronan , Joe Stuckey , James Greene , Martin Herdman , Bill Thomas

  • Genre :

    Biographies / Dramas / Crime / Cartoons

To begin with, this movie is definitely recommended for viewing.

In short, this is the visual and artistic perfection that draws the subject with the heaviest strokes, while describing the story in some confusing manner of narration. This is the first animated film, painted with the help of oil paints only, about the death of Vincent Van Gogh, and shown in the style of his painting.

Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman demonstrate her work on the life story of Vincent Van Gogh in a full-length animated bow. This tribute to one of the most praiseworthy (posthumously) and greatest artists of all time tells of the tragic death of the painter, realizing his impressionistic work.

The filmmakers assembled a team of talented artists together to shoot live actors and tell the story, and then carefully paint them in Van Gogh's painting style.

The results are really amazing.

Smears become frequent and fluid when they move from scene to scene, gorgeous golden threads blend seamlessly with royal blues, and the effects of modern animation that complete the picture are also impressive. Realistically made black and white consecutive memories contrast with more colorful scenes that come directly from Van Gogh's paintings and serve as a background for the plot. But take away the stunning visual look of the film, and the story will not make you miss for a minute.

The story focuses on the last days of Van Gogh and becomes a fiefdom, a conspiracy theory for art lovers around the world. Was Vincent committed suicide or was it a murder?

Conversations with small actions, thanks to lines (or strokes) blur the truth with fiction and create a false sense of reality.

But in their creative vision, much is a feeling of admiration. The director's love for this picture is obvious in every smear of this film. The fact that it took ten years to complete this project demonstrates the seriousness and dedication of all the masters involved.

This film is difficult to put any assessment, it's hard to evaluate just a figure, because all the components of this film were created so wonderfully and wonderfully that the individuality of this film makes you forget what you saw before it.

Thanks to this picture, if not completely, then at least to some extent you understand how the artist and man was Vincent, for example, because of a quotation taken from a letter to his brother Theo Van Gogh:

"I want to touch people with my art. I want them to say: "He feels deeply, he feels tenderly."

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