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Logan Lucky (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Steven Soderbergh

  • Stars :

    Channing Tatum , Adam Driver , Daniel Craig , Farrah Mackenzie , Jim O'Heir , Riley Keough , Rebecca Koon , Katie Holmes , Boden Johnston , Sutton Johnston , David Denman , Charles Halford , Seth MacFarlane , Alex Ross , Tom Archdeacon , Eric Perez

  • Genre :

    Dramas / Comedy / Crime

I went here on September 10, and I "give birth" to the text only today. Everything in life happens. The film is good in its own way, so it's worth writing a couple of paragraphs. First of all, without a shadow of embarrassment, it should be noted that "Logan's Success" initially does almost everything possible to make the viewer bored, puzzled, yawning, looking at the phone display, dreaming about simple sex in a missionary pose. As if the thought creeps in: what is the beauty of this kind of unpretentious story about the peasants and their deeds? Like, better "Logan" to reconsider.

The plot develops rather slowly. Like the lifestyle of the inhabitants of Virginia and Carolina. Yes, where they hurry, when nothing very interesting is happening around. Although wait. The day of the race is approaching, during which it is possible to make not a daring, but truly ideal robbery. Yes, so ideal that in the end it is possible to win a lot from the implementation of the planned plan. And all this was done by the Logan family, on which hung a long curse. On the scale of Virginia, of course. What do we care about the curse.

Personally, I recalled the film not about the famous trilogy about Danny Oushen's regular friends, but about the picture of Malcolm Venville "Criminal chip from Henry". Little stories about small people with big ambitions. And without excess violence, bloodshed and action. Filed somewhere ascetic, but somewhere fun. The scene of the dispute between the prison governor and the prisoners about the "Game of Thrones" generally became a decoration of the film. Who in the subject, as they say. Although a kind of humor in "Logan's Luck" does not stick out. In a puddle.

Adam Driver, for the sake of which the view was started, has a glorious track record behind him. Noah Baumbak, Saverio Costanzo, Jim Jarmusch, Martin Scorsese, Terry Gilliam, little Steven Spielberg and Clint Eastwood, soon to Leos Carax. There are brothers Cohen with JJ Abrams. Now Steven Soderbergh. Unpainful in appearance and still oppressed because of the appearance of the actor is clearly wisely approaching the choice of projects. Although the "Logan's Luck" is not the best role, but again you can see the charisma and charm.

If you take for a good rule not to expect from a particular movie something grandiose, then after viewing it is quite possible to leave the hall cheerfully. Of course, in the case of a well-told story. Stephen Soderbergo has long needed nothing to prove. He can shoot. But all the same with him I have a strange relationship. In the distant past, he made large films, and after world recognition began to produce unpretentious creations with persons known. Do not write that terribly interesting director. And he conceived, probably.

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