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Wonder Woman (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Patty Jenkins

  • Stars :

    Gal Gadot Chris Pine Robin Wright Danny Huston David Thewlis Connie Nielsen Elena Anaya

  • Genre :

    Action / Adventure / Fantastic

  • Premiere :


The wonderful leader of the wild tribe of the Amazons, Diana is a real military man with all the qualities necessary to defeat any enemy. She is extremely hardy, can fly and run fast, very strong and can communicate with animals. Possession of ancient Lasso of truth helps to obtain truthful testimony from enemies, and ancient bracelets are a powerful artifact and protect the owner, making her invulnerable and literally immortal. But the fighting was over, and now Diana peacefully lives on a distant picturesque island along with her sisters, protecting the local peace. Once the waves are thrown ashore by a military pilot, a US citizen, who describes the girl's events taking place in the world. Hearing about the First World War, Diana decides to stop her and leaves her refuge. About her adventures in the society tells the movie "Wonder Woman" - so brave heroine is called ordinary people. A warrior will be able to take advantage of her exceptional abilities, but first she will have to get used to the environment and new technical means invented by people. The situation will become more complicated when romantic feelings arise between the girl and the soldier saved on the island ...

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