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Birth Of The Dragon (2016) download

  • Year:
  • Country:

    Canada, USA, China

  • Director :

    George Nolfi

  • Stars :

    Billy Magnussen , Yu Xia , Philip Ng , Wang Xi'An , Hai Yu , Yue Wu , Steven Roberts , Riley Wood , Simon Yin , Terry Chen , Ron Yuan , Lillian Lim , Yee Jee Tso , Jingjing Qu , Simon Chin

  • Genre :

    Action / Biographies / Dramas

Bruce Lee is a legend in his lifetime and an example for millions of his admirers. About Bruce Lee is known to almost everyone on the planet and having lived so little he managed to do so much that affected millions of people around the world. About Bruce Lee a lot of both feature films and documentaries have been shot, but the picture of Bruce Lee: The birth of the Dragon is a new page in the history of Bruce Lee's life unknown to the general public.

Beautiful actor's composition. All, and this is extremely rare, the actors are perfectly matched, played well in the frame and harmoniously, stylized beautifully, look on the screen. Especially it would be desirable to note Philip Ng, who played the main male role of Bruce Lee himself, with his precise transmission of facial expressions, gestures, cries inherent in Bruce Lee.

The plot of the film is intelligent and captivates the viewer with its beautiful narrative about people. Yes, it is the stories of people here in the foreground and their character and its transformation in the course of the plot. Here, as you rarely see in popular cinema, there are really good examples for the life of every person. The film is Hollywood-positive with a pleasant epilogue.

How long did I want to see such a movie!

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