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Patti Cakes (2017) download

  • Year:
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  • Director :

    Geremy Jasper

  • Stars :

    Danielle Macdonald , Bridget Everett , Siddharth Dhananjay , Mamoudou Athie , Cathy Moriarty , McCaul Lombardi , Patrick Brana , Dylan Blue , Warren Bub , Mackenzie Grace Castle , Brett Diggs , Robert Eckard , Ray Iannicelli , Kirk Knight , Yair Koas

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Patricia Dombrowski (Daniel McDonald) - a twenty-five-year-old full blonde who lives in the wilderness of New Jersey, wants to become a rapper with a capital P and move to New York. She prays to her musical idol - O-Z. She dreams that he calls her godfather, and then Killa Pi (pseudonym of Patricia) immediately becomes the coolest and vomiting all the halls rap rapper. And as if Patti Cake $ (also the pseudonym of Patricia) did not try to convince herself that "my life is fucking awesome", in fact everything is not so promising as in her dreams. The whole district is calling her Dambo, and her mother is only thinking about how to establish her own personal life. And because of his own unrealized ambitions of the past - in his youth, Barbara (Bridget Everett) was a promising singer - she laughs at her daughter's infatuation and openly says that Patricia will not do anything. Support only the grandmother and best friend Jeri, with whom they are going to build a rap career. Patricia's ambitions are fully justified - she skillfully freestyle and composes talented texts. After a failed attempt to record the album, she meets a guy who calls himself the Antichrist. And it makes a very strange music. Sings (more precisely - screams) about a rotten society against the background of the corresponding video. He lives in the house behind the cemetery, where you can get to the tunnel with the inscription "Gateway to Hell." It turned out that in his house there is a home studio, and the guy is well versed in the recording process. Patricia and Jerry decide that this is their chance to record their music and finally get out of this provincial hole. Not without the help of grandmother and Antichrist, of course.

This director's debut took several statuettes, including "the best script" and "the best young director", at four international festivals. Before Jeremy Jasper filmed a short meter and also on social issues. In fact, he did what he called "Patti Cake $" himself. He wrote the script, sat down in the director's chair, and moreover created music for the film (along with Jason Binnik). Unless to remove, be engaged in editing and to produce has entrusted to other people. One of the producers, by the way, was Chris Columbus, who clearly believed not only in the young director, but also in the very story of Killa Pi. And obviously not groundless.

The heroine Daniela McDonald - as close to reality. Look at any successful representative of street musical culture and hardly any of them was rich and happy with life at the beginning of his career. In the case of Patricia, it remains only to write the texts, try to break through and hope that your talent will not go unnoticed. But, it seems, even her appearance against her. Nobody takes Dumbo seriously, everyone thinks that this "white fat girl" does not know a damn thing about rap. And when she proves the opposite, she gets either an extra portion of disapproval, or a broken nose. You listen to her aggressive reading, you look at the incredulous look on your face and think that, perhaps, Patrice can not get anything. Who, who, and she will achieve her. However, a rather tough reality is knocking out sure soil from under the feet, even from people like her. But true talent is capable of much.

"Patti Cake $" is a social drama with the right amount of humor (not chernushnogo, but quite vital), where each hero overcomes his obstacles to a better life. Jeri is chasing after success, but much more worried and worried about Patrice. She, in turn, is ready for anything, but she does not have enough support for her mother. She, finally breaking through her own nostalgic apathy over the past, understands how her daughter needs her. And the story runs smoothly towards a completely non-pompous finale. And we received a live and believable tape on the theme "goal + dream". And how this dream, despite all the contradictions and external circumstances, is able to unite people close to each other.

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