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24 Hours to Live (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:

    South Africa, Hong Kong

  • Director :

    Brian Smrz

  • Stars :

    Rutger Hauer , Ethan Hawke , Paul Anderson , Liam Cunningham , Nathalie Boltt , Tanya van Graan , Hakeem Kae-Kazim , Qing Xu , Aidan Whytock , Andrew Morgado , Tyrone Keogh , Richard Lothian , Bjorn Steinbach , Brendan Murray , Jenna Upton

  • Genre :


We are often upset because we can not influence the past to atone for guilt, correct the mistake and put the situation in the right direction. Few of us fate gives a second chance, but if this happens, it must be used to the maximum. Sometimes even at the cost of inhuman efforts. It's about this new dramatic fighter Brian Smrza "24 hours for life." The creators took as a basis the idea of ​​the return of a person from the other world and built on it an irresistible action that forces you literally to squeeze into an armchair and watch with a sinking heart how an elite killer who became a victim of a conspiracy returns to service to remind everyone that with his jokes are bad.

Travis Conrad performed the most difficult, deadly tasks with maximum efficiency. Many people fell from his hands, but he did not even think about knowing who exactly he had to kill, and who would grieve over the victim. And yet one day is not the most beautiful day Travis has to realize what death is. And the most cruel way. Having fallen under the sights, the hero says goodbye to life, in order to then go back and perform another task, which he has only 24 hours left. Time after the return begins to flow immediately, so that Travis has no time to argue - he needs to act. Only the customers did not take into account one small detail: the resurrected killer is no longer going to play by their rules.

The tape of Brian Smrza is filled with chases, shootings, melee fights and explosions to the point of failure, although this is not surprising. His hand to "24 hours for life" was made by the creators of the cool action-dilogiya "John Wick." And they know exactly what revenge is and how it needs to be presented. The protagonist in the uncompromising performance of Ethan Hawke conducts a swift revision of moral guidelines and begins to administer justice, which has waited too long for his hour. Yes, Travis Conrad is alone, but he has no other choice but to extinguish the bitterness of suddenly pop-up memories of past deeds. His watch is ticking, his heart is beating at an insane pace, and woe to someone who tries to stop him.

The result: "24 hours for life" charges a full clip and fires it without stopping from the first to the last scene. Brian Smrz took all the best from "John Wick", seasoned it with his own ideas of the times "Wanted a hero" and gave a spectacle that just will not make you miss. So get ready for an elegant emotional action movie that does not discriminate between cruelty restrictions.

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