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Acts of Vengeance (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:

    Bulgaria | USA

  • Director :

    Isaac Florentine

  • Stars :

    Antonio Banderas, Cristina Serafini, Atanas Srebrev

  • Genre :


Frank managed to become one of the leading lawyers, not only because of the huge amount of knowledge. Frank is able to properly conduct a dialogue and send it to the right, a winning channel for himself. But it is unlikely that only eloquence would allow him to receive huge fees for victorious deeds. Since Frank's words are always well-argued and backed up by reliable facts, the court is not able to doubt it. Many colleagues believe that Frank is an absolute careerist for whom work has become a key link in his life. But close professional people know that if there was a choice in front of him - a family or a job, a man would necessarily choose the first without any doubts. With a great desire after the end of the working day, the protagonist goes home to spend time with his beloved wife and daughter. It is these two people that make him work hard in the sense that Frank is responsible for them - he wants his family to never need anything and, moreover, do not experience financial difficulties. One day, Frank begins a black streak in his life - the enemies he has acquired due to his bitter activities, decided to take revenge on the lawyer in the most cruel way that could only be imagined. Dies with her daughter Frank - and not his own death. These deaths changed the man. He quit his job and did not want to even think about it. After the main character gave a vow of silence. Nobody knew what Frank was doing and what his plans for the future were, whether he was able to return to his successful career. The protagonist managed to break the main hero. But the murderers do not know that a man can still recover. Hard workouts, a new way of life and environment - all this Frank has spent the last months of his life. Since the criminals were not detained, the main character is going to personally take revenge on them. And he's not going to put anyone behind bars. The man wants that the killers died just like his family members.

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