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Ingrid Goes West (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Matt Spicer

  • Stars :

    Aubrey Plaza , Elizabeth Olsen , O'Shea Jackson Jr. , Wyatt Russell , Billy Magnussen , Pom Klementieff , Hannah Pearl Utt , Joseph Breen , Angelica Amor , Meredith Hagner , Charlie Wright , Dennis Atlas , Malika Williams , Luis Deveze , Jay Weingarten

  • Genre :

    Dramas / Comedy

"Ingrid is going to the West." Participant of the festival of independent independent cinema "Sundance - 2017". Cast is impressive: Elizabeth Olsen, Aubry Plaza, Pom Clementeffe. This film - a kind of satirical research on the exciting topic of "what do social networks do with us." Since Ingrid's heroine is mentally unwell, sometimes it will be a laugh. She decides to go to Los Angeles to meet with her idol - Taylor Sloane, Instragrama guru. And, if at first it seems to you that the film is rustic, and there is no second bottom, do not rush to put it on the "stop". "Ingrid goes to the West" turns into a serious movie about the fact that in social networks everyone is engaged in deception.

This film is about those who do not miss a single day in the life of their favorite star. Agree, sometimes glamorous life attracts and attracts. A real fan tracks every change in the fate of an idol, a personal life, full of scandals and intimate meetings. In the case of Ingrid, her with Sloan is destiny. Not aware of the girl only one thing - her obsession with a star personality turned into a mania. Every day changes her behavior, because the moment of the meeting is approaching, the excitement is growing. Emotions, feelings she can not contain, as well as control her behavior.

In some ways they are similar, Taylor is absolutely not shy to demonstrate his insane behavior on the cameras, covering all aspects of his life. Thousands of admirers of her idolize, and such behavior attracts excessive attention to her person. In Ingrid's behavior, everything depends on her emotions and mental state. She can not control herself, while her favorite star does everything on purpose. What will happen in real life, the one that Ingrid wants so much to like? Imitating the habits of a young asterisk, the girl does not notice the main thing - her mental and emotional state worsens, which will lead to incredible consequences.

"Ingrid goes to the West" - a juicy satire on modernity.

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