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Get Out (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Jordan Peele

  • Stars :

    Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford

  • Genre :

    Detectives / Horrors

Jordan Peel and Kigen-Michael Kee have long established themselves, mostly on Youtube, as talented comedians. But the guys were confident that they could go much further and went to a full movie. And if Keegan Michael is more thriving on supporting roles in comedies with James Franco, Jordan is much more fortunate. Now thanks to his solo project under the sonorous title of "Get out," you can confidently say that not only jokes for YouTube's tales are talented Peel.

Strangely enough, he managed to remove a truly worthy psychological thriller, which he managed to keep in suspense and frighten the viewer during the entire viewing. But do not forget about who is Jordan Peel. Under the guise of a psychological thriller, the comedian managed to hide the real comedy, albeit not coming to the fore. "Off" plays on the theme of the prejudices of white people about black and black people about whites. And the emphasis is mostly on the second. Strange white parents from a rich white girl? A bunch of strange relatives from these white snobs? Strange attitude of these white to black? Talks about Obama with black? These themes have been joked many times by a lot of dark-skinned and not only comedians, but Peel builds this comedic component in the absolute, turning it into a real thriller, where any joke in this spirit becomes terrible.

In this case, all the director skillfully withstands the degree of the picture, correctly fertilizing his thriller with the ironic humor, which remains both on the surface, and peeps from somewhere from the depths. Tense and frightening moments remain the same tense and frightening, but not to laugh with them from the awareness of the context of all that is happening does not work, and the characters, while remaining as eerie, do not stop cheering. The general outline "Away" is a beautiful joke well hidden in a strained thriller. In the thriller with interesting director's moves and high-quality acting works, where Ellison Williams is especially noticeable. She is very good here, and the leading actor - Daniel Kaloy, too, should be praised. And the tape completely withstands its alarming atmosphere as it should, and differs with a kind of logicality of what is happening on the screen, eventually ending with a worthy final ending in the spirit of the best representatives of this genre.

"Off" is a really interesting movie, similar to some perverse stendap of a dark-skinned comic about racism and those very strange typical white people, rather than the usual horror. And it is doubly remarkable that the tape can work as a good psychological thriller, and as a good ironic comedy in equal parts is absolutely successful. Therefore, without question, we can say that the debut of Jordan Peel in the world of big cinema can be considered successful.

"Get out" brings something peculiar and fresh to the horror lineup and without doubt leads to the number of the best comedic samples of this genre. Saw managed to perfectly combine the two components, having managed not just to recall once again about his humorous talent, but also showing that as a director and scriptwriter, he did not miss and in another. It is to be hoped that this bar will not fall too much, but will only rise and rise.

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