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Demain tout commence (2016) download

  • Year:
  • Country:

    France, UK

  • Director :

    Hugo Gélin

  • Stars :

    Omar Sy, Clémence Poésy, Antoine Bertrand

  • Genre :

    Comedy / Family

I watched a remake of the Mexican painting of 2013 with the title "Instructions not included", but our localizers dubbed this film as "2 + 1" in the hope of cutting down the money against a background of strong association with the film "1 + 1" in the original called "Untouchables "And ultimately the film I'm writing to review has nothing to do with the film in 2011, with the exception of perhaps Omar Si in the title role. The film looked and in my opinion it is good as an independent film if you discard any unnecessary associations except that it's a remake and dance on this particular fact. Next, I will share my impressions of the view and thoughts on this matter.

The plot tells us about a young and carefree fellow Samuel who, in his nearly thirty years (free assumption), lives one day, does not think about the future, does not oppress his question about what he will leave after himself, such an overgrown child, scientifically proven that men grow up Slowly and all the beauty of life's shortcomings, they learn each differently. And here we see how Samuel is changing, when a certain Christine comes to him at the seaside and tells about pregnancy and then the main action of the film begins. The theme of growing up seems to me eternal and as if you did not submit this topic, it will absolutely come. Throughout the film, Samuel not only educates his daughter, but himself, opening up new opportunities for life, in London he meets Bernie (accent on the last syllable) working at the studio where they shoot series, thereby opening the main character to the road to life.

Do not expect drama from the level of "Untouchables" and the same high quality of humor from the film and you will get pleasure from a simple and understandable film that does not offer anything supernatural, it is remarkable in its compositional simplicity and a simple message about family values ​​appealed to me personally. Although I still allow myself a kind of five-minute hatred about the fact that associations arise completely useless and unnecessary why the impression of viewing spoils, I tried to maximally abstract from the title and enjoyed the film. The result of such a viewing may be a desire to see the original picture. That in the near future and I'm going to do.

Actor's work is good. Omar Si is not bad in its image, although it is much older than the executable character and this can cause some dissonance of the perception of the synthesis of the actor and the character, although it plays well. Clemence Poesy did not see that often, but also coped well with the acting task, looks good, I also note Gloria Colston, I think she did not have to play, very organically existed. In general, all coped and performed well.

As a result: The film is good with the right message and a good attempt to exist in the field of tragicomedy, I liked the film and if you do not carp at every frame, you may like it. The name is certainly disorienting and therefore one should try to abstract from the impression of what is produced and look with open mind. I will evaluate the film in eight points. All good and pleasant viewing!

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