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Monster Trucks (2016) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Chris Wedge

  • Stars :

    Lucas Till, Jane Levy, Thomas Lennon

  • Genre :

    Action / Comedy / Family / Fantastic

American director Chris Wedge, who stood at the origins of the franchise "Ice Age" and was the father of "Robots" and "Epic", took the first ever career film - "Monster Truck". Paramount did not stint on the budget and threw a financial bomb on 125 million US dollars on the heads of unfortunate shareholders. What on earth is this grace Wedge? It's very simple: Paramount's director (now already a former) Adam Goodman and his four-year-old son (now grown-up) came up with this idea, which became a real investment punishment. You can consider the Monster Tracks differently, but first of all it is a family adventure film with elements of animation and fantasy.

Since the "Monster Tracks" have an age category of 6+, the monsters from the underground lake found themselves in the world of people due to the odds of the slate revolution and literally emerged from the well. They look like a kind of mean between a sea lion, an octopus and a shark, it's obvious that as a master of Waju's animation it was not difficult to come up with these monsters. If he began to move along the path of the horror film, these creatures could teach good lessons to greedy corporate oil monsters on two legs. But the tape is family, so the scriptwriter Derek Connolly ("The World of the Jurassic Period", "Security is not guaranteed") did not come up with anything better than giving these creatures a good appetite for oil products, quick adaptation at the expense of almost dolphin intelligence and, most importantly, they can be Place under the hood instead of the motor to get a miracle-tractor with huge wheels.

In the release of "Pete and his Dragon" last year, Walt Disney decided to invite art house director David Lowry to the project and a film with a similar idea of ​​the script about the unity of man and nature became a creative success. In the "Monster Tracks" there is an immersion in the vintage world of 30 years ago about the values ​​of friendship like the "Endless History" of Petersen or the "Spider-Man". Therefore, the film, which demonstrates the excellent camera work of Don Burgess ("The Allies", "Forrest Gump"), looks indecently old-fashioned and practically without digital special effects. Inviting the already experienced 26-year-old Lucas Till ("X-Men", "Paranoia" ") And 27-year-old Jane Levy (" Do not breathe, "" The Evil Dead ": The Black Book") only reinforces the idea of ​​excessive production and the reproducibility of this tape.However, in the sincerity and purity of the on-screen friendships of Tripp and Meredith in the course of viewing accounts ry little.

As a ribbon with a high budget, the Monster Tracks show some really exciting moments: the pursuit, in which thanks to the buzzing monster, Tripp's trek does real miracles and a very dynamically-saved rescue of monsters from corporate captivity in mountain landscape landscapes. Bad guys from the hydrocarbon giant Terravex in the face of a big mother production (Rob Lowe, "Home video", "Invention of lies") and the selling ecologist (Thomas Lennon, "Knight of Cups", "Transformers: The Epoch of Extermination") are very convincing in their roles who see only zeros and ones arrived. The tape fascinates us with fearless fighters for the protection of nature in any form, but it is completely removed by the majority of target audiences, this is a real shot in the air. Although their audience "Monster Truck", of course, will gather, not so few boys who are in love with car racing and are ready to listen with pleasure to the plot turns. The main problem of the film is the abuse of Wedge's animation techniques in the feature film, where still live people are being removed and a drama is needed with an ecology lesson, and not a demonstration of the possibilities of the old school vision of filmmaking.

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